Drawing Blood, Bruises, and Cuts

Hello and Welcome to the tutorial on Drawing Blood, Bruises, and Cuts.

In this tutorial, Tim Von Rueden takes a look at creating realistic effects using the multiply and overlay layer settings.

A few things to remember:

1. Blood is a darker hue of red.

2. You have to blend the cuts and bruises in with the face so that the look is natural and integrated with the skin rather than slapped on top of the skin

3. Yellow, Purple, and Blue can also be used, not just red creates a wound effect.

↓ Below are some screen grabs compiled from the tutorial with notes explaining them. ↓

First I go through cuts:

1. Start off with an appropriate color for your scratches, for this one I choose deeper scratches so a darker hued red is most fitting.

2. On a multiply layer, I color grabbed the skin colorsurrounding the cut and using the skin brush, stroked over the cut.

3. On a multiply layer, I use the darker hued red to cover the wound area and show the area of damage the wound covers.

4. On a overlay layer, I use the lighter hued red to flesh out the cut, bringing the vividness out of the color and showing the skin irritation from the wound.

5. Using a simple brush with white selected, I added specular strokes to give the cut value.

Second: Bruises

1. Subtle Skin Multiply layer adding the surrounding skin color to the bruised area

2. Multiply layer using the dark red hue in the same surrounding area

3. Continuing to grow the bruise into the eye area with purple

4. On an overlay layer, adding the lighter hued red and yellow

5. Finish it off with specular lighting using white to round it out and give the shape value.

Third: Blood

1. Lay down the lush red in a rolling liquid fashion.

2. Where the blood is collecting more near the chin, I darkened the hue of the red and it adds more interest rather than keeping it a flat color.

3. On a multiply layer, grabbing the surrounding skin color and carefully laying it down on the blood trail and spilling over onto the skin.

4. For a liquid surface like blood, add solid reflected light using white.

Final result with each of the above three!

Thanks for watching and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the section below!

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6 Responses to “Drawing Blood, Bruises, and Cuts”
  1. Posts: 12

    Nice I like the tutorial 😀
    Is there a tutorial on how to make that skin brush?


  2. Posts: 16
    Caroline says:

    Hiya Tim,

    I really enjoyed this tutorial and the result looks really good. Have you ever thought about becoming a make-up artist for horror movies ? 😀

    Just one remark: I know first hand what it’s like to have a black eye. I accidently ran into my brother (he’s 6ft7 and build like a tank). He felt really bad about it, poor guy, but it was entirely my fault. I was running around like a headless chicken like you do when you’re trying to do five things at once … Anyway, apart from an ugly color, my eye was also very swollen. I could barely open it for a day. I wonder how to do that. I tried to recreate my swollen and bruised eye (with the left one closed :D) but I wasn’t very successful.

    Could you show us how to make skin not only look bruised but swollen as well.

    Thank you!


    • Posts: 70
      Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:

      Great suggestion, Caroline.


    • Posts: 640

      Hey there, and you haven’t been the first to tell me I should go into that field lol and yes I could definitely show how to create a puffy/swollen eye effect. Look for it some time in the near future 😀

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