Interview: Cyril ROLANDO

Welcome to the interview of Cyril ROLANDO.

I have been a follower of his art for many years now and his bold color choice, expressive brush flow, and compelling scenery are a few of the reasons he is an artist that I admire and respect. Below is a one on one interview with the digital artist along with some of his many pieces.

I can’t thank him enough and I hope everyone can use his art as a reference or a study mechanic to further build upon and improve their own skills.

His Official Site: SITE

His DeviantArt Page: DEVIANTART

His Step by Step Tutorials: TUTORIALS (I highly recommend giving these a look!)


The Interview

1. Being one of my favorite artists, let me start off by saying how much of a privilege and honor this is for me to interview you. For those who do not know you, give us the best description of who you are.

My name is Cyril ROLANDO, I am 27 and I live in the soutern France. I have been a psychologist for 5 years now. Digital Art has been my hobby for 8 years and I am self taught.

2. Your pieces are visually striking with color. How do you go about choosing your color palettes for each of your pieces?

It seems that my choice of color is really intuitive and lead by my emotion. I work with the contrast between two colors because everybody and everything is made of positive and negative values. I like the way an artpiece gets its soul once finished, like if a part of humanity was hidden. I listen to the echo between colors and emotions… blue is cold but deep, red is warm but provocative…

3. On your profile it says you live in France, Could you describe what it is like living there?

I live near the mediteranean sea. It’s like a landmark for me, if I know where the limit is. This place is made of contrast bathed in sun, montainous, wild but… full of tourists, costly and tainted. I like to live in France, I like the protester spirit but I think the french abuse that sometimes… and refuse to go forward.

4. When it comes to using the digital brushes, which ones do you use to create your pieces?

I don’t complicate my life, I use only one brush and this is the first basic round one ! When I try to use other brushs, I lose my landmarks…

5. While not drawing your masterpieces, how do you like to spend your spare time?

I’m a freelance psychologist, so it’s hard to find the time… but on the weekends, I play video games, sometimes… but it’s like a waste of time. Digital art is my hobby, this is how I spend my spare time.

6. In many of your pieces there is a character with an arrow through his head that appears many times, who is he and what does he represent to you?

This character was born when I started my psychologist studies. Of course, it represents me when I needed self-confidence. This boy is lost on a tormented sea, he collects SOS bottles but he’s not sure to be rescued in return. Eight years later, I changed my mind =)

7. Where do you find inspiration?

Like I said often, I am curious of life. When I walk in the street, watch the TV, read a book, listen to music,… or dream… I get inspired sometimes. But I can feel uninspired for 2-3 months if I have nothing to say !

8. Im curious and wondering what your favorite movie is and why?

My favorite movie, that’s a hard question. I have to say three :
Mister Nobody because the time notion is broken
Inception because the reality link is twisted
Requiem for a dream because of the human comedown
I can’t choose but everytime, this is a question of an ordeal. Human can arise thanks to the ordeal.

9.What is the most common mistake you see younger artists making?

The common mistake is to not publish you work or not accepting the critique. We need to make mistakes to go forward.

10. To end off, what is the best advice you can give to aspiring digital concept artists?

Be a rebel.

Thanks for checking out this Digital Artist interview with Cyril ROLANDO. Feel free if you have a question or comment to leave it in the section below!

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7 Responses to “Interview: Cyril ROLANDO”
  1. Posts: 4
    ctdabomb says:

    you make nice art Cyril ROLANDO wish I could draw/paint as good as you 😛

  2. Posts: 10
    Lucas da Silva says:

    OMG this interview showed me a lot of good stuff. And ROLANDO work is just amazing! And to think that he doesn’t even take advantage of several brushes. Just awesome.

    • Posts: 10
      Lucas da Silva says:

      By the way, Nice work on the interview Tim

    • Posts: 640

      Agreed, he is an influential artist for myself and knowing he uses just the circle brush reminds me that you don’t need elaborate tools, brushes, or filters, just pure artistic skill.

  3. Posts: 70
    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:


    Good interview, thought provoking questions all. As to the use or not use of brushes, filters or such. Seems to me that it should be what works best for you the artist/aspiring artist that should govern what is used to develop the idea you are creating or the story you are trying to tell. How else can you tell what works best for you (particulary if you are a new artist still trying to develop your own style) unless you try various methods of achieving your goal?

    Just one old man’s (68 & still very much a newbie artist) opinion.


    • Posts: 640

      I couldn’t agree more, it is up to the artist to decide what works best for them. And whatever process that is, stick with it and learn from it, trying new techniques and finding their own artistic process.

  4. Posts: 3
    Fox Lilly says:

    Stunning Artwork, this was my favourite interview out of all the ones I’ve read on this site. Very engaging, very inspiring. I enjoyed everything about it. Thank you kindly.

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