Cookie Concept Art: The Creature

Hello and Welcome to the series of Cookie Concept Art: The Creature done by Tim Von Rueden.

This tutorial is the first in depth look at an in house concept art piece that was done for an upcoming Blender training series. Tim takes us through his entire process from the initial sketching to the final rendered piece.

↓Below is a look at the different stages and progress that this creature went through ↓

1. Silhouettes.

There are are number of different ways to start a piece and how to go about it. When I start concepting a piece out I like to begin with simple black and white silhouettes with a color gradient to give it some color. Instead of using purely black I use the white areas to add value and give the object more shape. The two creatures that have a green dot next to them were the ones that we decided to develop on more.


2. Refining.

Next we looked at the sketches and chose three that stood out as pieces that could be rendered on. These were the three that I spent around 15 minutes on each.

3. Detailing a Single concept.

We each felt that the green creature stood out as being the strongest to build upon. It was now time to start figuring out how this creature functions, what is his/her story. How can we bring this creature to life. I looked into the anatomy structures of a frog, turtle, and a human to create a structure that seemed believable.

Then I sketched out a bunch of different poses and angles that I could use for the final render of the concept.

4. Rendering

This is the longest part of the conception process. I went through many different variations and tried new things as I was developing this creature. Receiving constant feedback was very helpful in giving me direction to work with.

After hours of working out the concept, I was ready to give it a proper setting to be placed in.

5. Background

Backgrounds are new to me since I normally place my characters in a simple gray textured background. So for this one I referenced swamp pictures and well as trying out different color schemes and in the end I went with a color that help contrast the green hue in the creatures skin.

6. Final Concept Art – The Creature

Thanks for viewing 😀 Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below!

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34 Responses to “Cookie Concept Art: The Creature”
  1. Posts: 1
    pat says:

    Awesome, lovely, buetiful, spelling, can’t controll…

      • Posts: 1

        that is AMAZING Man!!!!fantastic!! well Im still a beginner in this whole modelling thing..hope i get better you guys

    • Posts: 12
      Andrej says:

      Me too:D Please jonathan if you see this please create it;)

    • Posts: 1
      Sean Watters says:

      I absolutely agree! I’d love to see a tut for the 3D side of things! Non-Human creature modelling is my weak point, so this would help me alot!

  2. Posts: 28
    jason lee says:

    Looks great! Very nice pose and really well rendered.

  3. Posts: 37
    john mervin says:

    wow! this is Awesome!, I think you should have rendered the tall rino-like one at the bottom, but this is just….Amazing!

  4. Posts: 2
    Chris Magee says:

    Very cool, Tim! Makes me just that much more excited about your new “drawing a creature” series =) I would imagine we will see a very similar process in more detail there?

    • Posts: 640

      You bet, I’m hoping to go in and really flesh out one of those silhouettes to a rendered quality.

  5. Posts: 70
    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:

    Hey Tim,

    Very nice work, this page has given me a lot to think about, Thank You. Breaking down your development process like this very useful & is helping me develop my own work flow. The overall outline gives me a great starting point.

    Something about the 4 legged creature (under 2. Refining) appeals to me for some reason. I can picture him/her in a game as a guy/gal “Friday” helper/assistant type. Could even turn out to be central character in the story. “All it would take” (said the newbie) would be a little more facial detail, a bit of personality & maybe a special ability. You could have the makings of a character like the baby dragon from the Blender Movie Sentinel . Just a thought I am playing around with.


    • Posts: 640

      The giant roly poly, pill bug guy? Yeah he was one of my favorites, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I go back and finish rendering him as well.

  6. Posts: 1
    Verticies says:

    I am officially impressed :)

  7. Posts: 10
    Lucas da Silva says:

    This is so cool! Very good work. Can you tell us how long did it take do get to the final result?

    • Posts: 640

      Through all the stages, critiques, re-works, and rendering, I would say somewhere just short of 20 hours. This also included a modeling turnaround sheet that I didn’t show in this post.

    • Posts: 27

      Already on my to-do list :) Although I will be doing more than modeling it… Let’s just say you’ll get more videos to watch!

      • Posts: 37
        john mervin says:

        1st, I was ambaressed that jabessette25 wrote that :)
        2nd, HOW EXCITING!

      • Posts: 2
        John Albion Manch says:

        That would be AMAZING!I’Ve been waiting for 1,5 years :D!Will it release really? I hope it will… Thank u thank u thank u…

  8. Posts: 3
    Char says:

    This is really beautiful. I can just see its movements.

  9. Posts: 8
    André Lopes says:

    Very nice Work! Right colors, nice blending and anatomy! Congrats!

  10. Posts: 8
    Annonymous says:
    The user has disabled their account.
    • Posts: 640

      Yes, the more thought that goes into it before hand tends to lead to a better developed and solid concept design in the long run.

  11. Posts: 11
    yasasu says:

    This is so awesome that i can barely blink…

  12. Posts: 2
    dragonicwolf says:

    Any timelspse videos or other videos of how the creature was shaded and detailed? I’m having trouble figuring out how to paint creatures with lots of body markings efficiently.

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