Timelapse: Contest Winner – Mega Man vs. Unit-E3D

Hello Cookie Community and welcome to the Fall Contest Winner Timelapse: Mega Man vs. Unit-E3D

The fall contest was Concept Cookies first and it was awesome seeing all the entries, the different styles and interpretations.

↓Here is the image link below to the contest page for those who might have no idea what I am talking about↓

And here is the link to the winner page, with the top three chosen by the cookie crew and the one who received the most likes on our Facebook page.

Under the prizes section of the contest page, the winner would receive a fully rendered art piece done by their guidelines and specifics. The winner wasn’t specific but rather left it to me to interpret their piece. They asked for Megaman fighting against our own Unity cookie mascot in battle. And that was it. Even though a guideline I had was to only have one subject matter I went ahead and did it anyways. So I decided to have fun with this piece and I think it shows. I used the color building technique in which I just layer down color after color to get my results on top of a simple scratchy sketch. Overall I treated this piece like it was a painting and avoided outlining or over-detailing.

I hope you enjoy your piece, shrapnel. Your submission was truly worthy of the first place holder!

Here are some screens from the time-lapse below↓

and lastly, the final result!

Actual Production Time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Song Used: Deep FreQ

Artist: ThaZraw



Thanks again everyone who entered and hope to see you in our next contest 😀


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4 Responses to “Timelapse: Contest Winner – Mega Man vs. Unit-E3D”
  1. Posts: 70
    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:


    Download Link is not working.


    • Posts: 640

      You beat me to to checking it 😉 thank you and it’s all fixed and ready to download.

  2. Posts: 28
    jason lee says:

    Haha, that’s awesome. Something is wrong with the video – it thinks it’s 2 hours long but it’s really only around 3 minutes (both Vimeo and Download). Maybe it didn’t get cut properly after time-adjusting?

    I dig the robot name Unit-E3D. That’s actually rather clever.

    • Posts: 640

      Thanks for pointing that out, Re-edited and now it is the proper length. Thanks for the request and once again you did and are doing some great pieces. Keep up the great work!

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