Mobile Game Update: Eat Sheep

Mobile Game Development Update

It has been almost a month since we announced our first internal mobile project called “Eat Sheep“. Though there is still a bit of work left on the game, I wanted to take this time to share some of the recent updates on production! So let me stop talking and get to the goods.

Monster Animations are in full swing!

Life is being created in this monsters by the talented Beorn Leonard. We had such a good time working with Beorn on his Animation Series, that we asked him to hang out with us a bit longer. Beorn is adding some of his skill set he picked up from working on Sintel and Happy Feet 2 into these hug-able little monsters. Check out the very “Work in progress” Animations below of the Melvin Monster and Sheep animations.

Art updates:

Creating assets for this game has been a bit of fun and a challenge. One thing we constantly have to keep reminding ourselves is the “players view”. Meaning model to the camera. You can see some of these assets could use a few more polys from the views we are presenting,  keep in mind the player is going to viewing them from an 85 degree downward angle. Most assets will render smaller then quarter on screen.

3D Blender Desert

Desert made by

Desert foliage in Blender

Sheep made with Blender


Teeth have been magnetized, sheep have been polarized and Melvin’s ready to eat! In addition to setting the little monster up with a new pair of chompers, the engineering team has worked on setting up some more intuitive behind-the-scenes controls and making database connections. They’ve also made sure that the monsters’ memories now last longer than a single session, and are beginning work on having monsters from all over the world share their wool income figures so they can do some number crunching. The developers also continued their seemingly never ending seach-and-destroy mission on bugs, diligently squashing them wherever they go.


The art side has been focusing less on conception and more on user interface, menus, and buttons. Right now we are working toward playing a full run-through so on the art side I’m working on the main screen, level select screen, win/loss screen, and the actual in-game hud.
Here are the drafts so far of the main screen and level select screen below ↓

Eat Sheep Storyboard

Level Select

Mobile Game Development

…But somehow another monster sneaked his way into the Eat Sheep World.

Meet Phillip.

He comes with a face full of cute and a full tutorial on creating him using Melvin’s base as a foundation. View the tutorial.

Create a Monster


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7 Responses to “Mobile Game Update: Eat Sheep”
  1. Posts: 4
    Danny Kneip says:

    Great effort and imagination so far! It’s fun to watch this project take shape.

  2. Posts: 1
    Roy says:

    I don’t understand why you guys aren’t doing a light toon shading. it seems like it would really fit the style well. Just a suggestion.

    • Posts: 640

      Melvin had four different faces when we started with him, Then we decided to go with the cutest looking face.

      • Posts: 13

        This is where I would post a futurama fry meme which reads “Can’t tell if serious or just making a joke” lol. What I meant was how many faces did the 3D model end up having. Sorry I should’ve probably asked this in blender cookie haha. Still very interesting though. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Posts: 1
    John says:

    how are you getting this on Mobile devices? i thought blender couldn’t do it.

    • Posts: 640

      We are not using the Blender game engine but rather the Unity game engine.

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