Concept Cookie Update: February

Hello and Welcome to the month of love, February! <3

A lot has been cooking here at CGCookie and Concept Cookie has a batch of new updates with the site, with us and you! This monthly updates are a way to fill you in on what’s going on here at the studio as well as hear feedback and see what YOU want to see on the site. This site is dedicated to helping teach and understand the process of creating digital art. So if you want to learn a specific topic, let us know and don’t be surprised if you see a tutorial on it not long after.

What’s going on with the studio?

It has been a crazy past couple of weeks here at the studio. Jonathan is in India at the moment while Wes and myself are working on narrowing the never ending project list on our whiteboard. This week also marks the first week that I am working as a full time employee. I can’t thank the guys enough for taking me on board and now I have more time to spend on the site, answering questions, and planning out more for the site as a whole! I am also working on a few concept jobs along with all the work that is being done to finish up Eat Sheep, and starting to work on my first CG Cookie training DVD on creating a Character. February is looking to be packed full of exciting projects and here at CG Cookie, the project list only continues to grow and grow.

What’s going on with the site?

  • To start off each month, I will put out a monthly update, just like this one, which will include a quick description of what’s going on with the site, studio, and for suggestions as to what you would like to see on the site!
  • Along with the update, the Concept Cookie site banners that are located on the side will change

What’s going on with the tutorials?

I hear a lot of people ask what are the next tutorials that are going up, and while nothing is set in stone I would like to give you guys an idea of what I’m going to for sure push out this month along with other authors tutorials.

– Creating a Neon Sign in Gimp/Photoshop

– Getting Started in Gimp series

– Finishing the Getting Started in Photoshop series

– Drawing a Wrangler for Eat Sheep

– Drawing Exercise/Review

***As for the Friday Citizen Exclusive tutorials, there are a few that have been requested lately and I am excited to get started on those***

– Creating a Head Turnaround Sheet for Modeling

– Drawing a Combat Vehicle Series

It’s been while since our last contest, and we’re thinking it’s overdue for another, and this one is sure to be a monster of a contest.

– Winter Contest Post

– The Fall Contest Timelapse with Final art, and the winner’s request was of Mega man fighting our own Unity Robot mascot.

 Lastly, I want to know what you would like to see on the site!

what tips, tutorials, drawing exercises, etc would you want to see?

Put your suggestions in the comment section below ↓

Also check out our Facebook page and click like for notifications on when a new tutorial is up or something fun happened at the office!

Thanks for making the site such a blast and I am looking forward to what’s in store next!

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42 Responses to “Concept Cookie Update: February”
  1. Posts: 21

    either a tutorial for alchemy and possibly corel painter and have character, weapon, vehicle, environment designs for games or CGI short films or something and i dont know if it will go on here but also hand painted texture tutorials from wood to stone to characters and stuff like that for games and such :)

    • Posts: 640

      Yeah I really enjoy Alchemy, I’m not fully familiar with all the shortcuts and where to find tools but I can definitely focus on that and get some tutorials out on it. Great suggestion with the hand painted textures, I’ll put that into the instant queue to create soon!

  2. Posts: 3

    I would really love to see more non-natural stuff. I love seeing how to draw people and animals and generally natural looking things, but the balance of the tutorials is a bit in favour of the latter. Vehicles or something like that would be cool :)

    Keep up the hard work!

    • Posts: 640

      Yeah actually the first vehicle tutorial comes out next Friday and I’m stocked because I’m doing some run throughs and this is a challenge for me as well, but it’s so rewarding stepping outside of my comfort zone, and working with subject matter that normally I wouldn’t take a stab at.

  3. Posts: 24
    dreamsgate says:

    I would like to see more environment silhouettes if possible. I loved how easy that one was and how great it turned out.

    • Posts: 640

      Yeah environments are my biggest challenge, I’m learning and training myself how to create environments more efficiently so that I can create more tutorials for the future. :)

    • Posts: 640

      I have never tried pixelmator before, but now’s a better time than any 😀

  4. Posts: 139

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Gimp version of the turnaround video done with a male. I say that because others wanted a Gimp version and I wouldn’t mind having the male modeling sheet to model from. Your sheets are a joy to work from and I had a base mesh in no time flat – half hour maybe. Now I’m using it to sculpt a female study, which unfortunately won’t go as quick. lol

    A cool idea for a contest or exercise may be to re-envision Cupid. I had a few ideas myself. Would be cool to see what other came up with. Probably would make an easier exercise because the best would be subjective.

    In any event you guys do an outstanding job and out do my expectations at every turn!

    • Posts: 640

      It’s funny that you mentioned that because tomorrow’s citizen tutorial is creating a male turnaround model sheet, I will now make sure I create this in Gimp since you suggested it. I would enjoy a re-envisioning contest that is themed on the season. + I think contests are a blast so I think I’m going to plan on more of them on here.

  5. Posts: 2

    How about color theory – specifically puting a color scheme together for an image.

    • Posts: 640

      Yeah that is a great idea, I watch a lot of color tutorials so I should work one of my own to share on the site!

  6. Posts: 1
    Andrew Adams says:

    Tutorial Request: I noticed that the topics section includes architecture, clothing/fabric, and weapons. None of these topics have any tutorials… Let’s see what comes of that, and keep up the great work.

    • Posts: 640

      Good observation, I feel I am comfortable enough to get working on a cloth and a weapon tutorial, architecture would have to wait a little until I feel confident enough to push a tutorial out on it, since I don’t want to rush one and then have the results turn out mediocre. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Posts: 42
    e K says:

    Have a request for you. Could you do a tutorial or tip who could explain how to detail the drawings. Because for me as a beginner I can draw big/main shapes of anything (starting form characters, robotics, buildings, environments etc), but when it comes to the part where I need to start add details (example armor plates, pistons, bolts for robots) I always struggle. I know that I should to look for reference photos, although I’m looking for them I have no Idea how to adopt them to a drawing. So I think that tutorial/tip about detailing/using references would be great. Especially for beginners.

    • Posts: 1
      xarg says:

      Seconded to the max

    • Posts: 640

      Thats a great idea, I notice people spending too much time on the small details when really it can be done really fast with the right placement of lighting. For instance a bolt could be done very quickly with a highlight stroke and a shadow to compliment it. I think a tip on this would be a great idea to push out.

  8. Posts: 1
    Miguel Alvarez says:

    Hi Tim,

    First of all congrats on your full time position at CG Cookie, you deserve it.

    Your work is great and I like very much what I have seen until now, regarding to the direction of Concept Cookie for this year, I would love to see Concept Cookie focusing more on the concept and art side, and no so much on the software side of things. It should not be relevant whether a drawing is done in gimp or photoshop, or pencil, or ballpoint pen, so feel free to do analogic stuff too if you want.

    I would love to hear more about your creative process, and where you find inspiration to create, if you do things on paper first, even thumbnails, or if you create directly on the computer.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Posts: 640

      Yeah I would love to show my entire process from sketching on a napkin at lunch to bringing it in Photoshop and rendering it. I agree that I need to get some more tutorials out focused on the process rather than the software.

  9. Posts: 12
    Jeff Ps says:

    Yeah. A little of each thing would be great!
    Tutorials like environments, perspective, colors, animals, and other things..

  10. Posts: 4
    Adam Hodge says:

    “.. and starting to work on my first CG Cookie training DVD on creating a Character.”

    Woooo! I’m hoping that the DVD goes through the whole process of generating concepts/silhouettes, covers anatomy/poses, and goes into detailing the character. Also, seeing the process re-applied (and tweaked) to an imaginary creature would be great – maybe as a speedy/timelapse mini-tutorial, slowing -up sections to cover the important differences..

    Congrats again on the full-time gig with CG Cookie! Looking forward to more great stuff from Concept Cookie.

    — Adam

    • Posts: 640

      Thank so much. And yes I’m in the beginning stages of laying out the dvd and it looks like I’m going all the way into taking a sketch done on paper into transitioning it into Photoshop and going from there with anatomy and form.

  11. Posts: 2
    david says:

    more Gimp and Inskape tutorials please

  12. Posts: 2
    david says:

    ahh yeah i frogot plase make and some tutoriols of mypaint

  13. Posts: 6
    Rado says:

    I Love to see some Corel Painter 11 or 12 and some Alias SketchBook pro tutorials. :) And thanks for asking us. Great CG Cookie network!!! Keep it UP! 😀

    • Posts: 640

      Thanks and I just downloaded Coral Painter. It’s awesome and I enjoy the traditional polish you can get on pieces, I will have to familiarize myself with the program a bit more before I can confidently create tutorials for it. I will keep working at it.

  14. Posts: 3

    Learning how to make hand drawn textures (like from eat sheep) that are made for 3D models would be really nice.

  15. Posts: 2
    Aaron Eads says:

    It would be great to see a tutorial on where to place highlights and shadows, because sometimes when I watch a tutorial, it seems like you place those elements where I wouldn’t expect them to go.

    • Posts: 640

      Hmm that’s a good suggestion, I think this would be a great drawing exercise assignment. I’m thinking of giving three objects, maybe a head and show which direction the lighting is coming from and then from there give it to everyone to try out and submit, and then I will show how I would go about placing the highlights and shadows.

      • Posts: 2
        Aaron Eads says:

        That’s perfect! This kind of support makes me proud to be a CGCookie citizen (:

  16. Posts: 3

    i would quite appreciate some getting started tutorials for gimp,
    and also some tutorials for MyPaint, i am quite interested in doing concept art but i have very little skills,
    and i’ll take all the practise that i can find

    • Posts: 640

      yes, I am currently working on familiarizing myself enough where I could then get started on the getting started with Gimp series. And I enjoy the drawing exercises a lot so expect plenty of those :)

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