Creating Snow in Photoshop

In this photoshop tutorial we take a look at creating snow in photoshop by creating custom brushes. Using the standard soft edged brush we create two separate custom snow brushes. By changing the brush settings we create a natural, irregular pattern to create a sense of realism. After that, we lay down a slight fog and a background gradient. The brushes made in the tutorial can be found as .abr’s in the download link below.

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4 Responses to “Creating Snow in Photoshop”
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    Jeff Ps says:

    Nice tutorial vonn.
    Simple and pretty good the results :)

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    Caroline says:

    Great tutorial :)

    Just one comment: The audio on ConceptCookie makes me wanna borrow my mam’s hearing aid. I turn up all audio controls I can find to the max and I still can’t hear what Tim is saying very well. When I then switch to BlenderCookie to watch one of Jonanthan’s or David’s tutorials, I get blown off my chair by the sheer volume.

    So, not Tim’s fault, I imagine (Btw, I love your voice Tim. So relaxing after a day full of hassle at the office :)).

    If it’s at all possible could you get your audio guy to fix this?


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      Yeah, we noticed that too after re-watching, the microphone audio settings on my (Tim’s) mac were set low, but it has been fixed.

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        lol skull candy noise multiplying headphones do get a pair!(they really work for this)

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