Timelapse: Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Jonathan Williamson keeps his blender up to date and hand in hand. He is always willing to assist others with their blender skills if only they’ll let him plug in.

Today at the office we are celebrating Jonathan’s 23rd birthday and it is accustom for me to draw my friends on their birthday, So here is Jay’s.
Actual Production Time: 3 hours 15 min
Song: Pieced Together Happiness
Artist: Theacematt2 –  http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/gepetto/

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30 Responses to “Timelapse: Happy Birthday Jonathan!”
  1. Posts: 10
    Hans Erickson says:

    Awesome!! Happy bday!! I can tell its being watched and downloaded alot cause its going really slow 😛

    • Posts: 2
      Pippin Williamson says:

      Awesome! But I don’t quite understand . . . he bares a strange resemblance to me . . . .

      Happy birthday to us!

    • Posts: 1
      Lasbrey says:

      Happy belated birthday buddy!!!!!

  2. Posts: 1
    Ryan says:

    Very cool. Also: as I watched this, all I could think was wow, those are some ENORMOUS strawberries…

  3. Posts: 1
    RigsJuarez says:

    Feliz cumpleaños !

    Hehehe have a happy blend-birthday !!

  4. Posts: 3
    greg says:

    What a fantastic piece of work, Happy Birthdays!

  5. Posts: 2
    skuub says:

    happy birthday jonathan!
    i learned almost all my blender nholege from you

  6. Posts: 1
    Mark says:

    Have a Very Happy Birthday and many more to come

  7. Posts: 2
    lesterdor says:

    Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!

    All the best to you and have a great celebration!

    best regards from Germany 😉

  8. Posts: 1
    AlexDS says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jonnathan!!
    thank you for your wonderful tutorials!!

  9. Posts: 1

    A belated happy birthday wish.

    Thanks for making Blender a fabulous product.

    Many more happy trips around the Sun.

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