Contest: Coloring in-between the Lines – Kara

Concept Cookie’s first contest in underway.
There has been this concept piece of Kara, the character form the 2010 Blender Tutorial series done a couple years ago just sitting in a folder, all by it’s lonesome. The original piece is by David Revoy, but it was left in it’s lineart. Here at CG Cookie, the Crew had the idea that I could make a timelapse of bringing the piece to life with color.

While I was first deciding what color palette I wanted to use, it was tough because of how many possibilities there could be, and I was struggling to narrow it down. Then we even took the idea a step further when we thought of how many different iterations there could be just from this one piece if we put it out to the community. Then it clicked, now that Concept Cookie is live and still in it’s beginning stages, what better than to roll out a full contest for everyone to start getting involved with.

WATCH THE TIMELAPSE OF VONN COLORING KARA  for some ideas on how you might go about it.

What does this have to do with CONCEPTion?

Lighting could be the most important part in the actual quality of the piece, so even if you have an awesome conception in your head, unless you present it well, it will come up short of that awesomeness.
It is easy to forget sometimes how much lighting and color can make a different in a piece. Focusing on a specific section in concept art helps you grow in that specific area.
Hence, if you improve your lighting and coloring techniques, your conception will reflect that.


DUE: NOVEMBER 29, 2011

The due date will be at 6pm on November 29 th
The winners will be announced the afternoon of December 2nd


  • Do not add any lineart or create a whole piece that is unrelated. As awesome as it will be to see what could come about this piece, this is a contest based around coloring and lighting techniques, not so much conception.
  • Do not edit the lineart, work with what you are given :)
  • A background is not necessary but if you would like to add one, go for it. Again the focus is on the character and will be judged on that alone.
  • Edit the size or resolution of the piece.


  • that being said, have fun with it. Go wild with your palette and bring the piece together as a whole.
  • Use whatever brushes, filters and layer modes you like.
  • Save them out as a .jpeg when posting
  • use whatever software you would like

How to submit entry



You may submit more than one piece for submission.

*Submit your final piece through the gallery on the concept cookie page, I will then go ahead on post those on the facebook page for the user judging

  • Keep the size and image resolution the same as it is given.
  • Once complete, name the file Kara_”your name here”.jpg
  • example Kara_Timvonrueden.jpeg


Judging will take place at the end of the month and will be determined by the following three criteria:

  • Did the submission follow all the rules set in place?
  • the overall quality, focusing on their lighting technique and color choices
  • creativity, that’s almost a give-in right?

There will be a first, second, and third place determined by the Cookie Crew (Wes, Jonathan, and Tim) as featured respectfully below

Cookie Community Favorite – On our Facebook page, each image will be submitted and the image with the most “likes” will win the
Once again, the due date will be at 6pm on Novemeber 29th, The winners will be announced on December 2nd


Along with each of the four prizes, your image will be given the corresponding CG flag and featured in the gallery.

1st Place – the Coveted Golden Cookie Award

  • One Year Citizen Membership at CGCookie
  • A fully rendered art piece done by your guidelines and specifics, by myself, Tim Von Rueden. This could be a character, environment, creature, turnarounds, anything you would like. This is limited to one subject matter, no 20 characters fitting into one piece. Nothing inappropriate, you know what I mean.

http://tvonn9.deviantart.com/gallery/ here is my gallery for some credentials.

Second Place

  • 3 months of Citizen

Third Place

  • 1 month of Citizen

The Community’s Cookie Choice Award – The one who received the most “likes”

Click HERE to check out the gallery and vote!

  • Bragging rights of your popularity
  • 3 Months of Citizen

What About the Loot?

This contest we are offering some of our Citizen Memberships up for grabs.


One year Citizen Membership at Cg Cookie

With your membership you gain access to periodic exclusive training from Blender Cookie, access to our source files which includes HD versions of the tutorials and .blend files when available. We are always adding new tutorials, so the membership is constantly gaining value from week to week. Members already have access to this list of exclusive training: Baker SeriesM4Female HeadMechanic Foliage and more to come… Learn more about it here.

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50 Responses to “Contest: Coloring in-between the Lines – Kara”
  1. Posts: 139

    This is a great idea! Although I didn’t win the pumpkin contest I had fun doing it and pushed myself. Of course I always try to improve and push myself but the contest definitely help with the motivation. Good luck to everyone!

  2. Posts: 4
    Nathan Voigt says:

    This comes just at the right time. I’ve spent a lot of time developing my concepting and rendering skills lately and this will be great practice. I will be joining this competition and look forward to completing it and seeing the variance of submissions. Good luck all other submitters.

    • Posts: 640

      Great to hear! I am looking forward to see what you submit, and if you want any advice while your working on the piece, let me know!

  3. Posts: 6
    David Revoy says:

    He he, I left this one in its line-art because I thought the pose got many problems with proportion and perspectives, etc… But finally nice to see this dramatic lens don’t seams to hurt so much eyes of the participant :)
    Cool rendering, and good idea Tim Von Rueden , that’s a good honnor to see the timelapse.

    • Posts: 23
      Brent Wall says:

      I think the elven Kara thief/assassin is overall a great sketch! I love mideval/fantasy over any thing else. You have some drawing talent there. I’m sure with a few more hours you could have straightened out the wrinkles!

  4. Posts: 10
    Ekin says:

    Just gave it a go, not really good at lighting and rendering but you gotta try before you can succeed right? Can’t wait to find out who wins. Lol, good luck to all!

    • Posts: 10
      Ekin says:

      I think I’m going to revise mine…

  5. Posts: 1
    Rod Beasley says:

    Put my first one up, since I don’t use photoshop I have to draw on what I learned many years ago for an art exam thinking about light and dark for shading. IT’s fun and my second try is going well. Blocking in is the tedious part once i have that I can start to look at light and dark and improve on what I have done. Can’t wait to see a few more up here. It will be amazing.

  6. Posts: 23
    Brent Wall says:

    Somebull changed the line art with shading in the hair, is this acceptable? Also you stated that “•use whatever software you would like”, so I take it I can color the picture with blender? Correct?

  7. Posts: 2
    Chris Haley says:

    Conflicting due dates

    DUE: NOVEMBER 29, 2011

    The due date will be at 6pm on November 28th

    • Posts: 640

      Ah thank you for pointing this out, I’ve re-read the post so many times that I must’ve looked right over that. But it is corrected now, the due dates on the 29th and the winners will be announced on the 2nd.

  8. Posts: 2
    Chris Haley says:

    Conflicting prizes

    Bragging rights of your popularity
    3 Months of Citizen

    What About the Loot?

    This contest we are offering some of our Citizen Memberships up for grabs.

    One year Citizen Membership at Cg Cookie

    • Posts: 28
      jason lee says:

      It tripped me up at first too. If you look closely it’s two separate sections though. Under the “Prizes” heading its 1st = 1 year 2nd = 3 months 3rd = 1 month, community pick = 3 months. “What About the Loot?” is another section entirely with boilerplate information about what Citizen is. It could probably be formatted a little clearer. You seem to be correct that the due date has a typo though.

  9. Posts: 139

    It says we can submit more than one. How should we name multiple ones? kara1_myname.jpg, kara2_myname.jpg, etc? I have one idea that is kind of risky and experimental and another more traditional route. If I can submit both it makes me willing to try the risky one as well.

    • Posts: 640

      Yeah if you wanna submit more than one, just put it in the description that it is your second entry, or if anything I will be able to know, because I go through each of the images that are submitted to the contest, but naming it as your second entry would just make it easier on us :)

  10. Posts: 5
    andyartisand says:

    Can we add in the missing fingernail? It’s really bugging me! “Do not edit the lineart, work with what you are given” – does this matter?

    And can we work over the lines if needed?

  11. Posts: 23
    Brent Wall says:

    Q: Does the image have to be a jpg or can it be a png?
    Q: How do we get submitted for the facebook contest?

    • Posts: 640

      either is fine, as long as the size dimensions are the same, and don’t worry about submitting to the facebook page, i take care of that for you :)

  12. Posts: 23
    Brent Wall says:

    I made a mistake with loading a submission and sent in a final, stated in the desciption, please edit with the properly named jpeg.
    Name: Kara Brent Wall Tigress with Gold Scale
    Description: Tigress with Gold Scale FINAL finally
    Thanks and sorry for being so much of a pain. I’ll hopefully get the hang of things soon. Thanks once again!

  13. Posts: 23
    Brent Wall says:

    I see many are altering the line art by taking out the white and transparent color dots that are naturally there. I was going to and also “darken only” the outline art, but thought that was really altering it. It would look so much better with a few quick fixes. Really look forward to a contest with more free style. Starting on a few pieces myself, but it’ll be a while before I complete any, due to a few things always going on here. Sent over a few friends to vote for those they like best on facebook

    • Posts: 28
      jason lee says:

      Set the layer mode to multiply on the lineart and it’ll get rid of those stray white pixels.

      • Posts: 23
        Brent Wall says:

        I must really get to learning more about Gimp as well as Blender. Thanks for the Hint!! I think I’m through with coloring Kara and have started on my own creation. I call him “The Harvester” I should have a head shot in a day or so. Took a while to get him laid out just right, but I’m starting the coloring/shading process now. Shrapnel, I think you may have a winner with your entry on facebook. It’s very impressive to say the least! Thanks once again for the help out!

      • Posts: 23
        Brent Wall says:

        I see Gimp doesn’t have this feature. Now I got to try to learn Photoshop on top of Gimp and Blender. As least I have Tim to teach me. Now I got to watch the videos until I get the hang of it. I have been needing to do this for some time and there’s no time like the present.

      • Posts: 6
        David Revoy says:

        @Brent Wall : of course Gimp have this feature, Layer dialog > multiply mode. every painting program got it ( also Mypaint > 1.0 )

      • Posts: 23
        Brent Wall says:

        Thanks David! As you may tell I’m not upto date on either Gimp or Photoshop(Photoelements is what I have) and never used Mypaint. I am hoping I’ll get upto speed soon. I’m going to check out my users manual on Photoelements and hope to find some tutorials on both on youtube. I need some help with all the features and how to apply them plus when, where and why to apply them to understand the use of them. Thanks once again!

      • Posts: 23
        Brent Wall says:

        I forgot to mention, after watching a couple of videos, that I also have a Gimp teacher,Nubia that will also need credit for my learning all the ins and outs of digital art using Gimp.

  14. Posts: 18

    Question? i accidentally deleted some of the hair lineart and now i can’t get it back, the lineart has a white shadow around it thats not alpha completely so its a pain to try to add it back in. will i get disqualified for not having them?

  15. Posts: 23
    Brent Wall says:

    One of my entries is not listed on the Concept Cookie contest page. Is there a reason why? Just wondering.

    • Posts: 23
      Brent Wall says:

      I see many others are missing also. Plus HAPPY THANKS GIVING EVERYONE! Hope it’s been one to remember!

    • Posts: 640

      Which entry do you think is missing, I looked through to see which one but I think I uploaded them all, let me know if it’s still not on the facebook page.

      • Posts: 23
        Brent Wall says:

        It’s there and it was in the Concept Cookie gallery I missed it. Once I updated my shading it appeared. I know I have been such a hassel and will try to make better attempts in the future to be complete and prepared before submitting! Thanks Tim!!!!

  16. Posts: 1
    Florian says:

    I did a live stream when I colored my submission.
    Here is a timelapse from the records.

  17. Posts: 10
    Ekin says:

    I would like to say that my last entry is my final entry. Is there anything I ened to do in order to show it’s my final entry?

  18. Posts: 23
    Brent Wall says:

    Thanks Tim for hosting a great first Grand Opening contest. I promise, my work will continue to improve, especially after I get my Graghics pen and pad to work with. Can’t wait to try it out with sculpting in Blender as I have always been good with sculpting real wood. Thanks again, Tim and everyone at CG Cookie!

    • Posts: 640

      Hey man thank you, you seemed really driven and helpful through the entire process! I hope to see more of your entries in future contests because I think you know who won the community cookie award 😉

  19. Posts: 5
    andyartisand says:

    Hey Tim!

    My entry isn’t in the user submitted images page :( Could you check it out please?

    • Posts: 640

      Hey it took me awhile to figure it out but i can now say that you are for sure on the user submitted page as well 😀

      • Posts: 5
        andyartisand says:

        Thanks Tim, i was lucky to get it finished..work always gets in the way :) bit of a panic meeting the deadline..

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