Drawing a Zombie Profile in Gimp

For this Halloween, we take a look at creating the undead profile in Gimp. The process goes through using grayscale values as the layout.

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7 Responses to “Drawing a Zombie Profile in Gimp”
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    Very Nice tutorial. I’d like to make a request on how you set up gimp to work with a tablet (hotkeys, preferences). Doesn’t have to be a video tutorial, but it would be really nice to see how to setup gimp to work with a pen tablet.

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      I will add this to the list of tutorials. I will try and give a full understanding of opening up gimp for the first time and giving a brief run through of the important things to know. :)

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    verticies says:

    I would like to see a tutorial about setting up the gimp for a tablet too :)
    I can’t get the buttons on the pen to work, but I can in photoshop.

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      Noted. I am currently working on a few “getting started” videos that will go through setting up a tablet to the first time going into Gimp or Photoshop etc. Hope these will prove useful

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    Casey Wagner says:

    Nice :) The eyes are bright for a zombie though. Dead people have cloudy eyes :)

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