Texture: Creating Metal Surfaces In Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial I take a look at creating realistic metal surfaces. First we create three custom brushes: metal, scratch, and rust. Then we apply them each on a few spheres and then end it off with a metal cookie sphere incorporating all three.

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27 Responses to “Texture: Creating Metal Surfaces In Photoshop”
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    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:


    Tried to download the file photoshop_texture_metal_zip (@ storage101.clouddrive.com) 3 times and get the message “this file couldn’t be downloaded”.

    What’s up?


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        Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:

        Thanks Jonathan for the quick response. Downloaded an unzipped just fine this time.


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    Will Koehler says:

    Hey, great tutorial. I didn’t really follow along, rather just watched the entire thing and picked up the basic jist. I am learning with GIMP and was wondering how I would go about saving an image as a brush correctly? I made an attempt early but no cigar :/. Thanks!

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      In GIMP, if you go to save your image (brush) just save it as a .gbr and that should work.


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        Will Koehler says:

        Well that’s what I tried the first second and third time. I got it to work by moving the saved gbr to the brushes folder. It works but it’s a tedious task :/

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        Will Koehler says:

        …or not…it seems my brushes aren’t affected by selecting a color, they just stay black >_<

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        Open up the brush file you saved and change the mode to Grayscale in the menu Image > Mode. Save it and then you should be able to use it with colors.

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    Great tutorial! There is a Drop Shadow filter in Gimp so I was able to replicate that trick in Gimp. I was able to make a ribbed metal ball that looks like metal pretty quickly. I just need to make the custom brushes so I can scratch it up and rust it. These tutorials on creating different surfaces are really helpful!

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      Well that was a pretty happy accident. My ribbed orb actually ended up being a decent brush! In Gimp when you copy something it can be used as a brush so I noticed my orb in there and messed around with it. It kind of gives the effect of those flexible stands for desk lamps or those old cords for when phones had cords. Definitely got a lot out of following this one tutorial!

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    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:


    Just got through watching this tutorial. It is a pleasure to watch you work and your comentary on the steps as you go through them is very helpful (the “why” is just as important as the “how”). Rest assured I will be watching it again in the future as I try to duplicate (and hopefully with enough practice, master) them for myself.

    These kind of techniques are just the sort of things I had hoped would be covered when you folks launched this portion of the Cookie site. You, Jonathan and Wes are very talented. Thanks so much for shareing!


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    Hans Erickson says:

    Tim Tyvm for this tutorial. Although I still seem to fail at stickmen I was able to make an acceptable brushed metal texture for one of my models in Blender. I seem to be spending more time on concept cookie then blender cookie these day!!!

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      Thank you very much! I’m glad to hear that your enjoying Concept Cookie but don’t tell Jonathan about spending more time than on Blender Cookie, he might give me the cold shoulder for a few days lol

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    verticies says:

    I am new to digital painting so it took me 2 days, but I really enjoyed this.

    I would ask you to speak what keys and short cuts you are using more often, but I know from experience that I only feel that way because I am a complete noob. Not for long….

    Thanks again :)

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      Yeah no problem, I will try to call them out a bit more because I fully understand how starting out it can seem intimidated not knowing all the shortcuts. :)

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    Annonymous says:
    The user has disabled their account.
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    stenkraft says:

    I really appreciate your patience and effort for all these tutorials! I think the best way to repay you, beside being citizen, is to give my best.

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    kugelblitz says:

    can i download the brushes or to i just follow the tutorial to make them myself?

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