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Blender Exercises - a.k.a. Stuff to do!

Submitting and grading Exercises is a great way to test your knowledge gained and while giving feedback to fellow artists
  • Character Retopology

    Character Retopology

  • Character Blocking

    Character Blocking

  • Sculpt the Human Body

    Sculpt the Human Body

  • Sculpt 3 Objects

    Sculpt 3 Objects

  • Simulate a Messy Room

    Simulate a Messy Room

  • Create a Domino Effect

    Create a Domino Effect

  • Character Ball

    Character Ball

  • Anticipation with Motion Graphics

    Anticipation with Motion Graphics

  • Complex Obstacle Drop

    Complex Obstacle Drop

  • Add Squash & Stretch

    Add Squash & Stretch

  • Arcing Ball Bounce

    Arcing Ball Bounce

  • Vanilla Ball Drops

    Vanilla Ball Drops

  • Rolling Ball

    Rolling Ball

  • Vanilla Ball Bounce

    Vanilla Ball Bounce

  • Stomp Walk Cycle

    Stomp Walk Cycle

  • Antenna Overlap

    Antenna Overlap

  • Rivet Walk Cycle

    Rivet Walk Cycle

  • Animate a Circular Path

    Animate a Circular Path

  • Shading a Toy Truck

    Shading a Toy Truck

  • Texture Painting an Ax

    Texture Painting an Ax