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Vespa 50

Hi all, this is my attempt using the same technique you use for your porsche. In this case is a Vespa.

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5 Responses to “Vespa 50”
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    Very nice!!!

    I would try a light Gloss material on the handles and tires; but with very high roughness… they look like the matte material, which might be more dull than you wanted?

    Looks good, keep modeling and texturing, it’s nice to see more finished models!

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    Andres G says:

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the comments, and yes Stensfik, I am to try to put some roughness material.
    The final intention was to practice with Luxrender engine. It took 7 hours rendering!!! (my computer is an old Pentium IV + 4Mg of Ram + NvidiaFX5200… too old!!!)
    Mpinarci, I see the new Porsche Caiman R… I like it!! 😀

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    Andres GREAT JOB! Love the texturing and lighting, and the modelling is superb! Keep it up!

    Jeremy Deighan

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