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The Beast!

Image created in a long period, I had a good chance to test cycles and its new SSS material.

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10 Responses to “The Beast!”
  1. Posts: 519

    Fantastic caracter design.

    And as allways, fantastic modeling, texturing and rendering.
    I love it, complex but easy to read at the same time.


  2. Posts: 6
    grizly says:

    Really, it’s a beautiful job. I saw the phases of modeling, frankly outperform. What is the specification of your PC without being intrusive?

    • Posts: 30
      Max Puliero says:

      Hi, my pc is quite normal: windows cpu2700k, gtx560ti, 8giga ram. :)

  3. Posts: 88
    prime8brain says:

    Lovely guy, great job!
    The metal caps on this hooves are nice.

    What is the thing he carries on his back?

  4. Posts: 1
    pathetic says:

    the things people create in blender just blows my mind I haven’t even gotten close to making anything like that

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