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Sea Bed Monster

My entry to “Sculpty Contest #2″ on the Blender Clan.

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18 Responses to “Sea Bed Monster”
  1. Posts: 276
    Cory Bays says:

    Ya that is really nice. IT was all scuplted in Blender? Very nice, very nice.

  2. Posts: 276
    Cory Bays says:

    I just tried to view your page to see your other work, but it says “page not found” and then i realized that it now does that anytime i try to veiw anyones page. Does this happen to everyone else? :( makes me sad cause i like to see everyones stuff.

    • Posts: 4176

      Hi Cory,

      This should now be fixed. We managed to break all user profiles, but our dev found the issue and so it should be good now :)

  3. Posts: 18

    I love the details. I think you can make the pose for this creature more cool ^_^ Great Job

  4. Posts: 79
    Andrej says:

    Please make the tutorial please.

  5. Posts: 1
    Kyle says:

    Sickest blender model I have ever seen… Probably the sickest creature I have ever seen!! Hands down!! GREAT WORK!

  6. Posts: 6

    Bien joué Manollo, ça fait plaisir à voir dans le top de la galerie :)

  7. Posts: 13

    hallo all blender lovers :). first i will say nice picture, great job. ok, i have a question for all of you, im pretty new to blender and always when i try to submite a picture to the gallery, it dosent come, or yes the file is on my account but when i see it (also in the gallery) the PICTURE is not there, there only come the error signs (the red circel, the blue square and the green triangle) plz HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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