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Re-L from Ergo Proxy (fan art)

As a huge fan of Ergo Proxy I decided to spend my winter break making a realistic version of Re-l, kind of the main character.

I first started with a base dyntopo mesh and then retopologyzed, modeled the clothes and sculpted details.
The postpro was made in Gimp and used the normal pass to enhance lighting, Z pass for defocus and a plane blurred image for background.

I managed to make an attempt of SSS natively in cycles following the Absortion tutorial by Gottfried Hofmann, Ill post the node tree soon.

Render time was 11 hours on Cycles via cpu (humble core2duo 2.2ghz, 4gb ram, GF 9800m gs) with 1300 samples, 2440×1620 res, strand render patch.

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23 Responses to “Re-L from Ergo Proxy (fan art)”
  1. Posts: 22

    Looks stunning, if i had a chance id vote for this one to be the startup image in new 2.66 blender ! ! ! Great work . . .

  2. Posts: 5
    Jude Caird says:

    Great job, what was the production time roughly? The hair really got me, great job. I also really loved the sci-fi thing that you did, i think you should DEFINITELY pursue that style :)

  3. Posts: 5
    Mark Cort says:

    This Image is Awesome – Never get tired of looking at this one.Beautiful Work.

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