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making of a corridor

not a sci-fiction image, one of my photos as a reference.

i didn’t use cycles again… Already this was taking a lot for me (can’t wait much doing without anything)
– because of soft shadows (sampling only 2)
– antialiasing lowest value
– didn’t do deep modelling
– no UV wrapping, no compositing

for the other images:

here is the cycles version: :) (but i am not very happy for this render)

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12 Responses to “making of a corridor”
  1. Posts: 16
    Viesulas Sliupas says:

    That looks really nice, but the inside of the “Cubicles”, for lack of a better word, seems a bit empty. If that was the desired effect, then it looks nice, and the lighting fits.

    • Posts: 1118

      sorry, i couldn’t spend much time on modelling…

      i focused on lighting and reflections… that is it…

  2. Posts: 19
    Joe Bloggs says:

    Surprised this can be achieved with the internal render

  3. Posts: 48
    Michael C. says:

    Great job: Love to see the settings….oh wait its internal. 😛

    JK, awesome “photo” anywho. 😀

  4. Posts: 5

    this looks yafaray
    well, about the scene, this is very good lighting and quality but is very empty

  5. Posts: 228

    Thank you! Very nice. I’m always pleased to see nice internal images, and this is very nice for what it is. It always kills me when people bad mouth internal. It is just as capable as any renderer is. And is easier to use than any others I’ve tried. And as Bartek has just demonstrated, compositing capabilities in Internal make Cycles look like a brain-fart! lol Set it up right and you can do everything in the Compositor at the speed of light! One Render. No grain.

  6. Posts: 1118

    thank you everybody again:
    – sorry for empty rooms
    – i may put cycles vs internal render later…
    – i wish i could do better LIGHTING… this is a result of many trials…
    – my laptop is very slow

    dell Studio 1557 : Core i7 1.6 GHz, 4 GB DDR3, 512 ATI 4500, Win7x64TR,…

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