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Logam(The Demon Binder)

This will be my submission to the

Blendswap contest. Everything is done by me.
All is modeled/sculpted/textured/rigged in Blender 2.62.
Render is Blender Internal.

The textures used for the Ruins are from

Full body/facial/wings/weapons/chain rig.

Would love some feedback on the lightning.

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8 Responses to “Logam(The Demon Binder)”
  1. Posts: 79
    grayrunner says:

    Ha, it kind of looks like a scene from Jason and the Argonauts.
    Good job.
    What’s the poly-count?

    • Posts: 14

      The body mesh consists of body/belt/boots/bottom cloth/armguards/wings. All in all 5212 faces.

      • Posts: 14

        The chain is very high poly-40k polys or so. I just made it cause I thought its gonna look cool on the model and I wont have time to trick it and make it low-poly.

    • Posts: 14

      It is rigged with bones and few constraints, the bone at the tip of the chain is the parent of the dagger. There are a few constraints that allow me to deform the chain by moving just the dagger bone.

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