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Final Vehicle Model

Final Vehicle Model for the Vehicle Modeling Training Series:

Modeled with Blender, rendered in Octane

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7 Responses to “Final Vehicle Model”
  1. Posts: 43
    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:

    Nice work Jonathan. I only hope that mine will be even close to this when finished. In any case am really enjoying working on it. Your tutorials are both a joy to watch and learn from.


  2. Posts: 6
    hawkeye134 says:

    Really like the flowing curves and mechanical detail :)But for some reason I don’t think the body colour does it justice – needs to be slightly more saturated – then again colours etc are always personal preference.

  3. Posts: 451
    jeremiah r says:

    The vehicle training series looks good I wish I had money to get it. Its just missing weapons though. 😛 Good job on the model. It belongs in a game! cya

  4. Posts: 103
    glakie says:

    Very nice outcome. During the process of building it I noticed that there was some question as to some of the mechanical and engineering aspects in the construction of the vehicle. In the future, if you like, I could help in that respect, having a mechanical and autobody repair background. I’m currently on the wings section myself, and now I understand better, about having to make artistic decisions in construction. Anyway, great series.

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