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cycles on paper holder

i try cycles eventually and this is our bathroom part for paper holder.
i couldnt make good texturing but i like the bump mapping…

i didnt mean to make a black and white scene.. :)

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2 Responses to “cycles on paper holder”
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    the tp has no fluffy to it, the designs edges are as sharp as it would be if it was steel and there are no cotton fibers that are showing take a look at some online reference photos of tp and it should help alot, i really like the material on the holder though very chromish!

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    tarik bagriyanik says:

    more paper tissue could be, i realized this after i finished rendering,

    i try to get used to “cycles”, and sometimes i don’t understand the “materials” very well…

    i took a picture of our bathroom as a reference photo, so i made the modelling OK… but as you said the materials are not so well done… i wish i could add some scratches as a texture layer…

    thank you

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