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Cobra Front View

This is the front view.

1000 samples

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44 Responses to “Cobra Front View”
  1. Posts: 17
    Annonymous says:
    The user has disabled their account.
  2. Posts: 2
    rasool gh says:

    offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff how can i download source file or tutorial video

  3. Posts: 6
    thelemic says:

    That’s so cool:D I wish I’ll become as great as you are someday:P From now on I’ll stalk you, if you don’t mind:D

  4. Posts: 29
    tainted-luv says:

    I want this in front of my house. Really nice work and the render is fantastic

    • Posts: 27
      imfastrnu2 says:

      I actually have a real one…well…a replica. I’m too poor to own a real one. But it did make the modeling easier since I had a visual reference at my disposal. :)

  5. Posts: 10
    luke elliott says:

    wow great work, I will swap all my photoshop skills for your 3d skills :p. I have a question though, how do people get hold of all the dimensions or blue prints for something like this to design it in the first place? I see so many cars and bikes and stuff I really have no clue where you get the dimensions from. Do you have to buy them from the manufacturer or something? It obviously cant be guess work, so there must be some source for them. But some cars I see are so unique I think what where did tey get those?

    Total 3d noob here

  6. Posts: 7
    rollie69 says:

    Forza Motorsport 5 better look out!

    Awesome Render!

  7. Posts: 3
    kiliankoe says:

    Truly a fantastic model and fantastic render. Loving this. May I ask though what those things at the front that something might be hooked onto are?

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