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Aprilia RSV4 XS SuperBike – Front

Greetings all

Straight out of the factory, I’m proud to finally be able to release a set of proper rendered images of my Aprilia RSV4 XS SuperBike for you all. My second bike I’ve ever built, and by far my favorite. A simple studio setup to give as much attention and focus on the bike. There is a handful of bikes that really stand out above the rest, whether it be, performance or looks.

All of the logos used on the bike is owned by their respective companies.

As always, comments and critique is welcome.

Programs Used:

Blender 3D 2.69b (Modeling, lighting, rendering, compositing)
Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Texturing)

Samples: 1500
Average render time: 45 minutes (Cycles GPU Rendering)

Interactive 3D Model:

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5 Responses to “Aprilia RSV4 XS SuperBike – Front”
  1. Posts: 4176

    Beautiful work xelus! What’s the render setup look like on this? It’s very effective.

  2. Posts: 14
    xelus says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you very much for the kind words, coming from you that means a lot. :) A simple 4 point lighting setup, with a simple studio horizon environment map.

    Two rectangular light planes above the bike, and two square lights 45 degrees behind the camera. The light setup is parented to an empty, together with the camera, so whenever I rotate the view, the lighting would stay more or less the exact same. Above all these lights I’ve added one fairly big rectangle light source to cast the arch of light you see in the background.

    Mostly the materials for the bike consist of simple glossy shaders, at most two glossy shaders, one of which has a roughness of 0.2 – 0.4 and the other 0, mixed together with a value of roughly 0.2 and then mixed in with a diffuse shader for the base color/texture that is applied.

    The studio itself is a half sphere, while deliberately making the back wall close enough to the source light so that it helps form the arch you see in the background. The rest of the render settings like light bounce is all defaults. The slight vignette look came unplanned to the final render due to the light I placed at the back of the studio. The clamp value was set to 3.00, as it seems to be the perfect value for all my renders and erasing 100% of fireflies.

    Here is an image of the actual scene within blender: No compositing or post work was done except for the copyright tag at the bottom of the final:


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    André Lopes says:

    It’s really a great work Xelus! Did you model all the engine parts?? I once tried to model a bike but then lost the files LOL Got a lot of trouble with some parts of modeling with the engine pieces.

    I know we have a master in modeling here in cg cookie but does it cover hard surface and finer detail? I always have mind-blocks with some structures and all tutorials i get are for architecture… nothing mechanic like this.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Nice modeling bro, really good! PS that link of the interactive model shows Lamborghini logo????

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