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Here is my entry for this Contest.

This image hide some messages for our busy world.
Sometimes it is better to be offline, so you don’t overwork yourself
and don´t take performance-enhancing substances like a Battery Drink 😉

Somehow i was inspired by watching a documentation on television about people who suffer on the burnout syndrome.

This robot has 269 bones and the rig is the most complicated i have done so far, i will upload the full blendfile on blendswap later.
Rigged Robot Arms:

I rendered this picture with Cycles and i used the Blender Internal Render for getting those halo light effects,
also i use a little bit Photoshop for the postprocessing.

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3 Responses to “24H-Burnoutbot”
  1. Posts: 5
    daniela says:

    Nice what sort of graphic cards and memory set up do you have for this?

    • Posts: 1
      dennish2010 says:

      Thank you :), I uesd a GeForce GT 740M with 2048 MB, render time 1 day.

  2. Posts: 35
    Regus Martin says:

    Really great work! I love the Sketchfab version too.
    (The watermark is cool)

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