Contours Retopology Tool FAQ

How is the Contours tool licensed?

Contours is licensed under the GPL 2.0 license, meaning it’s open source. You’re free to use the tool and/or code for any purpose.

Will Contours ever be included in Blender?

There is no guarantee of this, but our hope is to get Contours included in Blender after it’s received sufficient development.

Since Contours is GPL, what am I paying for?

By purchasing a copy of Contours you are supporting our development efforts and helping to ensure we can continue offering support, maintenance, and new features. Without this support we are unable to make any guarantees of maintaining or supporting the tools. One hundred percent of proceeds go back into development of the tools, primarily by paying our developer(s).

Are there any plans for other tools?

Absolutely! Contours is just the beginning of a complete retopology toolset that we’ve planned. Check out the Development Roadmap in the forums for more details.

I need help with Contours, where can I get support?

The first step is to check the user documentation. Then if that doesn’t answer your questions ask on the support forums.


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12 Responses to “Contours Retopology Tool FAQ”
    • Posts: 3
      Kevin Nam says:

      I think that once you purchase it, you can get all future downloads. In order to download an update just go to your dashboard and on the menu click “orders and downloads”. The contours tool should be listed there with a small button to download the latest version.

  1. Posts: 104
    Peter Utinek says:

    awesome tool Jonathan and good attempt to rise blender retopo tool to professional my personal opinion if it is plan to add the tool into the main trunk in the future .I would choose donation found as 10,20,30 I think lots of people will hold back if they know tool is and will be free

    • Posts: 94
      Joel Godin says:

      Or maybe a modified payment plan, like the 31.50 now, 21.50 in 6 months and 10.00 in 9 etc until it is in trunk.

      • Posts: 4218

        Hey Joel,

        We are starting to narrow down the details for the transition between versions, new tools, and Blender inclusion. I hope to do a post this next week outlining the exact plan so that everyone is in the loop.

  2. Posts: 12
    bibliafelipe says:

    If somebody buy the tool, could be installed in Blender using Linux ?

    • Posts: 4218

      Definitely. It’s a Python file that is run from Blender, so the operating system is of no concern.

  3. Posts: 12
    bibliafelipe says:

    Who is the installation process, is this tool a plugin ? , who you install this in your blender?, Is the installation process easy?

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