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Hard-surface modeling

For quite some time now I’ve been wanting to do a beginners introduction to hard-surface modeling. There’s so many things that go into hard-surface modeling that can make it quite challenging. Among other things, keeping the surfaces smooth, making crisp edges, and creating forms that fit together nicely is harder than it appears.

This fun little series, which will be available to Citizen members, will be looking at techniques for creating hard-surface models and introducing the workflow to beginners. However, I think even you intermediate and advanced modelers will be able to learn a thing or two. There’s going to be some cool techniques in this one :)

Here’s just a few of the questions this series will answer:

  1. How do I cut holes in curved surfaces?
  2. How can I create sharp edges on subsurfed models?
  3. How can I use modifiers for non-destructive modeling?


While I’m working on finishing up the series, here’s a few teaser images:





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40 Responses to “Hard Surface Modeling Training”
  1. Posts: 1
    eaglenose says:

    My decision to subscribe the Citizen Membership I have never regretted. The tutorials of the CG Cookie teams have proved in my work with Blender to be extremely helpful. At this point, many thanks to all.
    I can not wait until the new tutorial series -Hard Surface Modeling- starts. I hope the little plane of the figure is actually designed in the new modeling course. I’m an airplane fan.

  2. Posts: 80
    Ian Cruickshank says:

    Fingers crossed that today is the day. LOL.

  3. Posts: 5
    Aaron Falk says:

    This looks fun and informative. I personally am more interested in hard surface modeling than I am character creation, animation, or visual effects. But hard surface courses for blender seem to be exceptionally rare. I’m glad you are filling the void.

    One request I have if you are going to build this plane or other similar vehicles would be to demonstrate a good method for modeling panel lines like you would see on aircraft, ships, spacecraft. etc.

  4. Posts: 26
    Michael says:

    Hey Jonathan,
    I submitted a before tutorial image to see where my skills are at. If you got a second to take a peak at it and let me know what you think it would be greatly appreciated! Nothing in to much detail. I know it has some flaws, waiting for the tutorial to correct those. Haha. Honest opinion, my feelings won’t get hurt. Haha. I like people who know what they’re taking about to judge my work. Keeps me going. Thanks!

    • Posts: 26
      Michael says:

      Just noticed I spelled “peek” wrong. Lol.

  5. Posts: 45
    Marcos says:

    I was mechanical designer and I used many 3D CAD software and nowadays I have difficulty in creating mechanical parts in Blender. I know that for animation process, it isn’t good to mix ngons and curves, and we want to have control on mesh. But, I think, it might be easier to create this kind of model. Even it require retopo later.

  6. Posts: 36
    powlly says:

    Great news,I’m looking forward to this.I’ve made so many modles and had to stop because of my old computer.But will be purchasing a shiny new one soon,and will get the power and know how to finish,the so very many that are waiting.(time has somthing I don’t,patience).happy blending.:)

  7. Posts: 80
    Ian Cruickshank says:

    Jonathan, looking forward to this one. Just curious if you can provide an ETA. Thanks.

      • Posts: 80
        Ian Cruickshank says:

        Excellent. Thanks so much for the update.

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