Series: Creating a Realistic Head in Blender

Hello and welcome to this complete Blender tutorial series on creating a realistic head in Blender 2.6 by Kent Trammell.

This is a in-depth tutorial series explaining the creation of a realistic human portrait with Blender. The entire process will be covered from base mesh modeling, detail sculptingtexture paintinghair growing and styling, sub-surface scatter shading, and compositing. Some of the more time-consuming tasks will be time-lapses with commentary like modeling, sculpting, and texture painting; the other parts will be mostly real-time.

Editors note: This series compliments well with the Citizen tutorial on Particle and Fur, Female Head series and Compositing in Blender DVD by Bartek.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot redistribute the references used in this tutorial due to the license, but we can use them under Fair Use laws for educational purposes. They’re not available for commercial use, though.

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48 Responses to “Series: Creating a Realistic Head in Blender”
  1. Posts: 61
    dolores 74 says:

    O …. … MY … … GOD !!!!!!!!!!

    I need mounts to go through all of this.

    OK, I started yesterday, see you guys next year.

  2. Posts: 61
    dolores 74 says:

    I’m giving up on this shit man. That Bprojection addon does not work, I paint on the image and not on the mesh.

    Look for yourself.

    There is also no explanation how it works. The guy on the video has lost his voice. I cannot enter the forum on with my cookie password to talk to this guy and I cannot register cause my email is already in use. How many emails do you expect me to have to enter all your sites. Really man, I’m giving up on this shit. I have no idea how you guys manage to get Blender up and running.

  3. Posts: 61
    dolores 74 says:

    I survived video 7 and 8 ( this time ). Don’t know how women survive buying a dress. Ever tried the search term “backless dress” ????? But as Kent tells us, we have to look at a LOT of reference material so I did.

    My mouse is a teenager, it had to look playful, this is what I came up with.

    BTW, why is my avatar not showing up ?

  4. Posts: 3
    akerns says:

    So I’m a noob and this may be a dumb question. How does Kent take a snap shot of his diffuse color from the sss to transfer into photoshop and use for a color swatch?

  5. Posts: 82
    joe says:

    Hey Kent the series is great but in the future could you remove the elevator music.

    Not sure about others but it puts me to sleep

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