Course: Weapon: Modeling an M4 Rifle in Blender

Create a detailed M4 rifle model in Blender

In this course you’ll learn how to model a complete, highly detailed M4 rifle in Blender. The complete process is covered, in real-time, from start to finish. You will learn the use of many different modeling techniques and workflows to create the variety of forms and detail present in the subject.

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    taberetta says:

    This is one of the best, if not the best, modeling tutorials I have seen in the past three months I have been consuming Blender. I enjoy pretty much all elements of Blender, but modeling quickly became my favorite. I have been a member for the past 2 months and plan on continuing to be since I spent the first month watching your guys’ free tutorials and was sold.
    What I wanted to pass on, just as feedback, is some random ideas. I know you guys get a lot of this sort of thing, and you are a small team working to produce as many quality tutorials as possible. I just read were you asked for feedback from people, so for whatever it’s worth here’s my one cent.
    I am sure the people who have been using Blender for a while know a lot about Blender Render, but since I began such a short time ago I have only used Cycles and I have very little knowledge of Blender Render. That being said I would love to see more Cycles tutorials (I know you guys prolly already know this). They don’t have to be long courses like this, even short ones using only Cycles from beginning to end would work. Every time I begin a tutorial and see that it was done in Blender Render I feel like I might be learning things that I can’t use in Cycles. Are the two really that different? Maybe a tutorial on the differences might be helpful? I watched the introduction to Cycles of course, but more complete tutorials covering your work flow and if you use both engines on a project or stick to one would be nice to see. Since it will become the main engine I do not want to learn a bunch about Blender Render if it is going to become obsolete. Any advice from you on if I should learn more about it or stick strictly to Cycles would be much appreciated.
    You guys have given people a great place to find education on Blender (a lot of it free which is commendable) and I wanted to thank you all for that. Blender is just a hobby for me right now but you never know how far a guy could go given the right know-how and resources.
    One last thing, the short tutorials that go from the very beginning of a little project and take you through the whole process really helped me learn all sides of Blender, those are always welcomed in my book. I always wonder though what else I could do with my own projects after I I finish them? Something on how you can apply finished Blender projects in the practical world might be cool. Man I could go on all day, I may already be nursing a CGI addiction, so I’ll stop myself here.

    Thanks for your time, you have been an inspiration. -Timothy Beretta

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      Yes, I totally agree on this. If they have posted a video on blender render vs cycles render please send me a message/reply.

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        Thomas Bowe says:

        Development of the Blender Internal was discontinued in favor of Cycles. I was apprehensive to switch to Cycles at first just because it was much more difficult, but I am now really enjoying it. Blender Cookie has some great tutorials for learning Cycles. :)

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      Honestly modelling wise there is little to know difference its just a different engine for rendering cycles gives a more realistic result, the only reason he was using blender render at that point is because cycles wasnt out yet

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    Tim Kline says:

    Good course so far :) I am only on the first step.. I have a question that I guess is more a general blender question.. a lot of times you’re using b to select a lot of vertices to extrude things. I do the same thing, but it doesn’t always work.. it selects the visible vertices, but not the ones behind them. But, other times it does select the ones behind. Any idea why it doesn’t always work for me?

    There’s also other little things that don’t always work.. like ctrl shift tab to snap to edges, it doesn’t snap at all. I’m just using the default factory settings, so I’m not sure why some things are working and others aren’t…

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    ztenis says:

    Thank you for these exellent tutorials! -and the Jayscript!

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    elguapofan says:

    I´m now halfway through this course and of course it´s an incredible learning experience like all of the courses I did since I´m a Blender Cookie citizen! Thank you Mr. Williamson and please keep up the great work!

    In the ninth video where you start modeling the grip of the gun you´re talking about additional reference from a Blender Cookie user that you wanted to distribute with the sourcefiles. I looked for these references but couldn´t find them. Did I just look in the wrong place or have you not been adding those to the sourcefiles?


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      Hey elguapofan, I’m so glad you like it!

      The references are included with the Source Files, which you can download from this page just below the featured image. Just click “Download Files”: http://cl.ly/Wj1F

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        elguapofan says:


        I have already downloaded those files but the additional images you´re talking about in the video are not included there. Or did I mabye misunderstand something? I got 18 photos and about as many blender files in the download. I thought the photos that can be seen in video #9 are also included in this download.

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        Ah I’m sorry. Some of the images aren’t able to be included due to licensing restrictions, which I believe was mentioned in the video (sorry it’s been a long time since I recorded this).

        A quick google search for “M4 rifle” will turn up a lot of great references you can use, though.

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        elguapofan says:

        I just found three other citizen users having the same problem with the missing references. You actually say in the Videos that you´ll add these to the sourcefiles. On the 11th video three other users posted about this topic. Sorry for being annoying, because of it! 😉


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        Ah you are absolutely right..! I have just confirmed that the references are missing. Let me dig around and see if I can find them.

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      I’m terribly sorry to say that I cannot locate the extra references. I’m still looking but not holding out hope. It looks as though they got missed, and thus lost, when we migrated this course to the new structure.

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        elguapofan says:

        No, problem. I´ll just work along with the Video and reference from the Internet. I should be able to do this by now anyways. Like you use to say: `just for good practice`, right? 😉

        And thanks for at least trying to fix this!


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    linuxmaster9 says:

    When I am using Blender 2.72, I am having issues with the shape of the weapon. When I have extruded the barrel and foregrip, then go into 3D to look at it, it appears squashed.

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      Hey there,

      Sorry for the super, super late reply. My bad.

      It sounds like you may need to apply the scale of your object or reset the scale. Could you attach a screenshot of the issue?

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    marcoyolo187 says:

    Is there a tutorail on this? If so pleas add the link to it so I can wathc it.

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      This is the full course :) Just look to the left below the main image. There’s a complete list of all the lessons. You’ll just need to pick up a Citizen membership and then you can watch through the whole thing!

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        marcoyolo187 says:

        Well the shitty thing is I don’t have a credit card to become one.

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