Course: Styling and Rendering Long Hair with Blender and Cycles

Hair Rendering in Cycles Training Series

Blender 2.66 has been released (check out Jonathan’s overview) and with it  Cycles’ strand-rendering. This enables us to achieve believable hairstyles with relative ease, compared to the former Blender Internal method. However, shading and rendering is only half the battle. Strand editing and styling is where the war of believable hair is won or lost. 

Create stunning hair for your characters in Blender by joining Citizen

In this multi-part citizen training series I’ll be walking you through my workflow from a bald-head mannequin to a long and flowing female hairstyle. Along the way we’ll be diving into particle hair systems, strand editing, and strand shading and rendering with Cycles.


The Challenge

Realistic long hairstyles are notoriously difficult to achieve with computer graphics. Several professional plugins have been developed for other apps that are strictly devoted to strand styling and rendering. With Blender’s built-in tools we’re able to get very specific with our groom. This works by creating multiple particle systems, dialing in the robust kinking and randomization settings, and finally rendering cylindrical strands complete with physically correct lighting. When combining these tools with real-world observation and patience you’ll be turning heads with your digital hairdo!

Changing hair color is easy!

Using the strand shader created during the tutorial, changing the color is very easy. This allows you to create a range of variations quickly.

blonde   redhead  bluehead


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