Course: Low Poly Game Asset Creation – Fire Hydrant in Blender and Unity 3D

Create Low Poly, Game Ready Assets in Blender and Unity 3D!

Through this Blender and Unity tutorial you will learn how to create low poly assets for games. Over the course of this tutorial you will learn the high poly and low poly modeling techniques needed to create the fire hydrant subject matter. You will learn how to unwrap the UVs of the final low poly model and how to bake out normal maps, ambient occlusion and texture maps.

Note: it came to our attention that some serious mistakes were made in the normal map baking tutorial, video #6. Due to this we’ve added an addendum video that goes over each of the errors and shows how they were fixed for much higher quality, and more accurate normal maps.

After the UVs are unwrapped and the baking is done we’ll take you into Photoshop to show you how to finalize the textures by adding the ambient occlusion and extra detail. Once the texturing is done we’ll go back to Blender and export the finished model out to an Autodesk FBX file and import it into Unity. In Unity we will then show you how to setup all the materials and textures and create a prefab for easy use in-game.

What You’ll Learn in this Course:

  1. High poly modeling methods with minimal effort
  2. How to create the low poly model quickly
  3. Techniques for creating convincing low poly models with good silhouettes
  4. UV Unwrapping and how to optimize your UV space
  5. Normal map baking and how to deal with common problems
  6. Baking ambient occlusion and color passes for easy texturing
  7. Creating detailed texture maps in Photoshop
  8. Making a specular map for good highlights
  9. Mixing and improving normal maps with Crazy bump
  10. Exporting the model out to Unity and setting up a prefab