Course: Interior 3D Architectural Visualization

Hello and welcome to this Online Training Course for Interior 3D Architectural Visualization in Blender

Interior architectural visualization is an ideal use of 3D rendering; it can help portray exactly what an interior could look like after being built without ever setting foot in the space or picking up a tool. Through this course, Jonathan Williamson will give you a complete run-through on how to create an interior architectural visualization completely within Blender 2.6. This course makes use of the Cycles render engine to achieve an excellent sense of realism and mood. To gain access to this course you can signup as a Citizen member of the CG Cookie network This is an incredible deal, the course contains just over five hours of training; covering modeling, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing, and post processing. Normally a course like this would go for no less than $45 USD. You can sign up for a Citizen account from our membership page HERE.

As a Citizen member you get access to the complete streaming course, including all project files and the ability to download each individual video.

To make this series more accessible you now choose to either stream or download any of the videos. To stream the videos, simply click on the thumbnail for that portion and it will automatically load at the top of the page.

This series is also available on DVD via

What you’ll learn in this Course

In the duration of this course you will be taken through many aspects of the modeling process, including an introduction to BMesh, how to model things to real-world scale and how to make easy use of a model repository to populate your scene. You will learn how to quickly UV unwrap models for texturing, how to setup a material library of Cycles shaders and you will learn how to make complex shader node networks for realistic materials. Beyond that, you will also learn how to create good environment lighting to achieve a realistic sense of interior light, how to optimize your scene for faster rendering, how to make use of multiple scenes and render layers and composite them together, and you you will be taught how to perform advanced color adjustments and other post processing techniques on your image to produce a stunning final render.

Do be aware, this training course makes use the Blender 2.63 beta in order to use BMesh and other features that are currently in development. Very, very few things are subject to change in this series, but for a couple videos you will need the latest development version if you wish to follow along exactly. You can download daily, official builds from HERE.

Note: the first two videos, and the introduction and freely available for anyone to view to help give you a better preview of the course Enjoy!

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16 Responses to “Interior 3D Architectural Visualization”
  1. Posts: 1

    hi everyone,

    i have been using blender since 2 years, today only i came to know about an add’on, “windows” in blender, this simplifies, architecture designing, by providing ready made windows & doors, where can i find such cool add ons for blender in future.. thanks( saw in architecture tuts)

  2. Posts: 3

    Hi there,

    I’m watching this lesson but don’t I miss lesson 18 ?

    17. Shading the Chair
    19. Shading the Wall Light

    • Posts: 10
      Nathan Hauck says:

      I haven’t watched this series yet, but it’s likely just a numbering error. Unless there is a sudden jump in progress between the 2 lessons.

  3. Posts: 1
    Jeroen Tol says:

    Very good course. Lot´s of tricks that can be applicable not only to architectural modeling. Highly recommended.

  4. Posts: 1
    Fede Berg says:

    Can we get a list of the assets from blendswap that were used in this course?

    • Posts: 19
      patters0n says:

      Hi Fede,

      You can find the list of stuff provided in the scene being a citizen member.
      At the summary page there is a “download” button to download the source files.

  5. Posts: 4

    This course is awesome. Strugled for a while with getting into blender and using youtube videos and I wish I had started with this sooner. The instructer is really good at teaching and very knowledable! Please do more courses?!

  6. Posts: 1
    yungmario says:

    Hey guys, I’m still new to blender, hope to make the best friend

  7. Posts: 11
    lucky says:

    Hi all,

    Does anybody know where I can download the assets?

      • Posts: 27
        Sean Aitken says:

        And where was that? I don’t see any links. I know Jonathan says they are on blendswap, but perhaps there’s a single download? Not a dealbreaker, since the real value is everything else.

      • Posts: 27
        Sean Aitken says:

        Wow.. I must be losing my mind. The Download link on THIS page, at the top shows “Project Files”. Why didn’t I see that before?? Disregard my question. Cheers!

  8. Posts: 3

    Great course! I’m a beginner (this was my first full modeling/texturing/rendering project), but everything was laid out in a very easy to understand way, and I learned a lot. Thanks, Jonathan!

  9. Posts: 2
    stefan63w says:


    I have some questions about the render settings in blender.
    To bee more specific the difference between the pathtracer and the branched path tracer

    I’ve been studying the manual and as far as i can se understand the pathtracer only have
    2 types of samples. AA and Difuse. And the manual stated that for a setting of 250 samples
    you have 10 AA samples X 25 difuse, resulting in 250 total samples.

    Now about the branched path tracer, it splits up into several types. Although the principle i guess
    is the same AA samples X Difuese gives the same samples as the pathtracer for for the difuse rays

    But now you also has to asign samples for the other types as well.

    So my question here is: what is a resonable sample amount on the different types other than diffuse
    And i quess that the branched pathtracer is the better one to use, but in the phase of building a scene
    one could use the pathtracer to get a quick render.

    PS Im swedish to pardon me if my spelling is not upp to 100 % accuratcy

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