Course: Creating a Topiary

As a follow up to the Topiary Exercise from last week, this is a short course explaining my process for creating a detailed rhinoceros topiary like the one below.


My goal was to construct a topiary that A) looked appealing and B) accurately represented the structure of its real world counterpart. Here’s how the course breaks down:

  • Lesson 1: The IvyGen addon is an excellent tool for quickly generating vines and it plays a crucial role in this course. In the first lesson we’ll overview the addon and all of its settings.
  • Lesson 2: Following the overview, we’ll apply what we’ve learned about IvyGen to generate the underlying branch network of our topiary structure according to a guide mesh.
  • Lesson 3: Lastly we will use Blender’s particle hair tools to grow an outer shell of leaves. Then we’ll apply some simple Cycles materials and lighting for a finished topiary render.
This course is essentially my way of participating in the Topiary Exercise. If you haven’t submitted your own image, please do so on the exercise page and share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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    Rafael3D says:

    Hi kent

    the source files link doesn’t work (sec_error_revoked_certificate)…please fix it aaaand…keep doing your amazing work, i love your tutorials 😀

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