Course: Creating Ragdoll Rigs

Physics simulations can be really useful to create complex dynamic motion. Most of the time we only use simple rigid-bodies, but what if you want to simulate a human body falling or being struck? This is where ragdolls come into play. A simple ragdoll is made up of a few rigid-bodies which are being held together by constraints. Although they are quite simple to set-up, they can be really useful for things like car accidents and other stuntman-like actions.

Take part in this two-part free course to learn how we can create a very simple ragdoll for Sintel from the Blender Foundation Open Movie.

  • Lesson 1: learn how to create a ragdoll rig and how to use it in a non-destructive way alongside Sintel’s existing rig.
  • Lesson 2: go on to simulate the ragdoll in a car accident and create animation drivers to switch between the original rig and the ragdoll.


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5 Responses to “Creating Ragdoll Rigs”
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    danpro says:

    Impressive. I am constantly amazed at things possible in Blender. This was an enlightening tutorial. I probably will not use this in my personal projects, but it’s still nice to have knowledge of what is possible. If I ever need to simulated this kind of animation, it certainly looks like this would be worth the time to do. Hand posing a scene like this would be a pain.


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    I have made walking ragdoll rigs in blender,
    check out the game engine resource section for jackii’s rig…. at

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    yaser says:


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      richard w says:

      Downloading is only available to Citizen subscribers. The ‘Download Files’ button is located beneath the title (next to the Facebook and Twitter buttons). The course overview page (this one) has the source files and the lesson pages have the HD video downloads.

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    Konstantin says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    It’s very detailed and comprehensive. Good work.

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