Course: Creating an Advanced Face Rig

Creating an Expressive Face Rig

In this course we will be creating an advanced facial rig for our stylized character, Edward. We’ll be making use of shape keys and drivers in order to deform the mesh and controlling them with bones.

Having so many bones in the viewport can make things appear cluttered. To remedy this, we’ll also be adding custom bone shapes to help make the rig easier for us, and any viewers we show our work to, to understand. In a later lesson, we’ll add a cage mesh with a mesh deform modifier. This will allow us to achieve a more stylized and cartoony look to any animations that we do in the future.

What you will learn:

  • Adding and using shape keys to deform your mesh
  • How to use drivers to manipulate the shape keys
  • Creating and using custom bone shapes
  • How to use the mesh deform modifier with a cage mesh