Course: Creating a Sci-Fi Panel

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    I’m new to blender, but have been running through days of tutorials and find yours to be one of the best. Not only the content but your presentation was one I was able to clearly follow, needing extra time to understand what gets clicked and how/where to find it.
    I was disappointed to find the ‘Inset-Extrude’ link is dead. With a bit of effort, I found the old Modeling page shown in your tutorial, but the file linked to by that page is gone. Do you know if there is another approach in the latest blender which gives that functionality? It certainly sped up your effort.

    Since I’m still getting my feet wet, totally unrelated to the tutorial itself, do you know how I’d follow up on this? Can the addon scripts be legally traded between users? i.e, can you post it with proper credit given?

    I write CAD scripts for a living, but always like to be a credit to any group I join, not a burden.

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