Course: Course: Modeling a Female Human Head

Welcome Citizens to this series on modeling a Female Head

In this Citizen exclusive Blender 2.5 video course, we begin the process of modeling a full female head. The series will be taking an in-depth at the techniques needed to accurately model the subject, including accurate anatomy and topology.


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3 Responses to “Course: Modeling a Female Human Head”
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    This is the clearest, most efficient, and most detailed tutorial on modeling human faces that I have ever found. You have turned rocket science into childsplay, sir. Bravo.

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    Per Almered says:

    Jonathan: Today I’ve watched it for probably the 4th or 5th time, and as my own skills improve, I’m STILL picking up new things from this course, it’s great great stuff!

    A question tho: The artefacts we get from “bad” topology, specifically if one does really really stretched quads – is there ANY situation where that would actually result in a USEFUL effect? In my day job producing music, almost every single “mistake” can be twisted into something creative, might that be the case here?

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