Course: Blender Basics – Introduction for Beginners

Get Started with the Basics of Blender

If you’re new to Blender then you’re in the right place! Through this free course I’m going to walk you through your first steps with Blender, helping you conquer the initial learning curve. This free course is designed for beginners, even those whom have no experience with 3D whatsoever.

I will help you start moving in 3D, showing you how to navigate Blender’s 3D viewport and how to add, remove, and manipulate objects. Additionally I’ll introduce you to Blender interface, helping you overcome it’s quirks and use them to your advantage.

Next steps?

If these Blender Basics have piqued your interest then the next step is to learn modeling. Lucky for you we have a complete course designed just to get you started with the Fundamentals of Mesh Modeling in Blender. The mesh modeling fundamentals is a part of our Citizen membership, which is built specifically for aspiring Blender artists like yourself, enabling you to ramp up your skills quick through clear, concise, and structured learning.


If you’re using Blender with anything but a 3-button mouse, then read this page to learn how to Emulate a 3-button Mouse.
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17 Responses to “Blender Basics – Introduction for Beginners”
  1. Posts: 2
    chinela says:

    Please me name is CHINEX I love animation although I only have little knowledge in Corel draw and its pissing me off seeing cool graphics.
    I wanna start cool 3D graphics and I have chosen to work with BLENDER I need help please I have no one to teach me .
    I need big help because I wanna be like you good guys.
    Please help me email: [email protected]

    • Posts: 1
      lawal says:

      Hi chinedu, you sound Nigerian please if you are can we exchange contact though i am not new to blender i just need alike mind i am based in Kano.

  2. Posts: 7
    John says:

    Just about every time a new Blender comes out some feature is renamed, moved or replaced. So when I’m doing tutorials that use previous versions I run into confusion. Is there a version history that documents feature changes?

  3. Posts: 1
    dangbruhy says:

    What about using it with a Mac? I have no 3rd button and can’t figure out how to move around the box.

    • Posts: 3

      Check out this page from the Blender documentation:

      It says that “if you do not have a 3 button mouse, you’ll need to emulate it by checking the option in the User Preferences (unchecked by default).” You have two buttons on your mouse, right? If so, then tertiary click should be ALT + LMB. Otherwise, there are more instructions on that page for single-button mouses.

    • Posts: 5
      Michael J says:

      For what it’s worth, I use a Mac and I went ahead and invested in a full keyboard with number pad and a three button mouse specifically for working with Blender. The alternatives are there, but I find it more comfortable being able to use the default shortcuts that Blender relies on.

      My experience is limited, but so far I think it’s been worth the $20 investment. I use all three mouse buttons and the number pad extensively every time I fire up Blender.

  4. Posts: 2
    Annonymous says:
    The user has disabled their account.
  5. Posts: 1
    rawz says:

    Yep! I second kkwainscott.

    Thanks for making sense of Blender, especially by going with LMB operation which helps those coming from other packages.

    This, and ‘Release Confirms’ in the Preferences/Editing pane really provides a little familiarity.

  6. Posts: 1
    odia says:

    hello! am new here.please, how do i download all free tutorial videos?

    • Posts: 633
      richard w says:

      Hi! The video is free to stream for all users, but can only be downloaded by Citizen subscribers.

  7. Posts: 1
    csmith095 says:

    This video was a very nice, slow, and non-overwhelming introduction to Blender.

  8. Posts: 1
    nonsense007 says:

    Thank you for explaining the basics about blender. I have messed around with numerous CG applications in the past, most recently Maya. Blender seems rather interesting to me and I will continue to push further into it’s possibilities. Though I still stand rather skeptical in comparison with the power that Maya has. ;D

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