Course: Animating a Character in Blender

In this 10 part Blender Animation series, David Ward will introduce you to the character “BC Baker” and how his rig works, including shape keys and drivers. We look into the different tools for animation in Blender, namely the Action Editor, Pose Library, and Non-Linear Action (NLA) editor.

This will include the overview on how the rig is constructed, and how to control it.

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Beorn Leonards – Animation Fundamentals is another Blender Animation series if you are interested in further education on this topic.

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20 Responses to “Animating a Character in Blender”
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    Hi David,

    where can we download the “BC Baker” character, to reproduce this very nice tutorial?



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      Click on the “download files” left you will see “project files” and right a icon(thats the video) just click on them and download

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        finnosaurus says:

        Where else can we get the files? Sorry, I’m a kid, so I don’t have a credit card and wouldn’t be able to become a citizen if I wanted to. Please?

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    hatchnet says:

    Hey David, none of the shape key drivers seem to work on the model I downloaded (Blender 2.68) The drivers are in the graph editor but the shapes are not associated with them

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    I’m having the same problem as Hatchnet. I really hope this can be resolved as I’d love to follow this course. I just finished one of David Ward’s other tutorials on making a turtle a couple of weeks ago, so I have high hopes for this one too!

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    bielus86 says:

    Hi David. Can I use your character in mobile game? Of course I will create my own copy based on this tutorial, but overall result will be very similar to Baker.

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    Hi David. I have downloaded the BC Baker, to follow along with tutorial, however when I load it into blender it is very large, so I re-scaled it down to better fit, but whenever I try to move his pose, the mesh takes on weird shapes. I must also add that I am a complete Noob with blender and any of this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    apple303 says:

    The link in the “Related Training” section of the description is broken, is it being replaced soon?

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    birdy says:

    I was working through this tutorial until I got to the “pose library” tutorial. I loved it! I was having so much fun making my own little animations. I looked to the end of the last tutorial to see the finished product and it looked pretty cool so I decided to start over with a new file and make that. When I open the project files and open any of the blend files the rig is there, but when I try to move or rotate any bones, the mesh doesn’t change. I have re-downloaded the files multiple times and restored factory settings for Blender and nothing works. Any suggestions? (I have been using Blender 2.69 the whole time.)

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    Hi David!
    Ive trying to make a Walk Cycle and everything goes fine until in the Blocking Phase, but when I change (In DopeSheet – Action Editor) the keyframe from Constant to Bezier something strange happends and some thing begin to move wrongly. (I dont know if that word exists..But you know what I mean)

    Instead of moving from A to B (For example), Foot moves in other direction and in the end, change very quickly in order to reach B in time.

    I thing it has something to do with Dopesheet and Action Editor, that they are overlapping each other, but I dont know how to fix it…

    Would you mind to help me, please?

    Thanks in advance..


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      pedanov says:

      Hi David. I have a problem I have downloaded your video lessons and downloaded BC Baker.The BC Baker does not move рhis face (smile right, left ,eyebrows). What on earth shall I do? I working in blender 2.69

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      Jncocontrol says:

      I’m no lawyer, I would imagine as long you don’t use him for commercial use, I don’t think they care what you do with him.

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      richard w says:

      He still exists!

      Baker is part of the Project Files download on this page. Downloads are generally available from the cloud icon that is next to the Facebook, Twitter and Bookmark icons. The blend file you’re looking for in the download is called ‘BC_Baker_Rig.blend’

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    stefan63w says:

    Very Very nice tutorial and it sure goona help me make nice little videos.

    The fact that blender itself can do the tweening between poses makes the life alot easier.

    Hope to see more tutorials of this class

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