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Some of you will have seen this across our various social channels a few weeks ago, but it’s now time to formally announce it. CG Cookie is launching a new site dedicated to the Blender Community. A marketplace.

Over the last few years Blender Cookie has grown far beyond what any of us could have anticipated. It’s far flung from the little site that Wes and I started back in 2009. In the time since we’ve released a lot of training, served millions upon millions of page views, hired four other full-time employees, worked with numerous, incredible authors and contractors, and most importantly, made serious CG education accessible.

Now it’s time to push things a bit further.

A Next Step for the Blender Community

Blender and the community behind it have grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. Not only has the toolset transformed into a very powerful, and respected system, but the user base of the community has evolved a lot. There’s more artists and developers earning a livelihood with Blender now than ever before. Blender is used in every industry imaginable, from VFX and game development to aerospace engineering and medical & scientific research.

In the coming weeks we will be launching the Blender Market, a marketplace exclusively for the Blender Community, enabling artists and developers to create and sell professional, production-ready resources, assets, and tools. A goal of the Blender Market is to build a sustainable ecosystem that helps the whole community, from basic users to advanced professionals to developers.

Enabling Blender Professionals

A part of the goal of creating a sustainable ecosystem, is enabling Blender artists and developers to do what they do best. Work with, in, and on Blender. And get paid to do it. There are millions of Blender users, likely in every country on Earth, doing everything imaginable with it. It’s high time these people had an avenue to reach a larger audience and contribute to the number of professional resources and tools available to the Blender Community.

By providing a way for artists and developers to distribute valuable resources to the community, while also being paid for their work, I believe that we can push ourselves as a community, and Blender development even further. Which leads me to one of the key features of the market.

Driving Blender Development Funding

The Blender Development Fund is a growing source of financial support for Blender that is helping to support the development in every regard. It, and the people that contribute to it, are (at least in part) responsible for enabling much of the full-time development in the last few years. At the time of this writing, the Dev Fund receives 4315 Euros per month. This money is then granted to developers for on-going work. While this may seem like a lot of money, it’s really not. Our web and video hosting for CG Cookie alone is over $3,000 each month.

We’d like to help increase this funding. The way we are doing this is by enabling vendors on the Blender Market to easily, and automatically allocate a percentage of each sale to the Dev Fund. In addition, CG Cookie will be contributing 5% of every sale for the first 90 days directly to the Dev Fund. This is in addition to 250 Euro we contribute each month already.

Launching in a few weeks

We are squaring away the last few development tasks on the market, and coordinating work with a list of initial vendors that we invited to be a part of the launch offering. Once everything is finished and ready to go we will open the doors. An exact launch date will be announced soon.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, or want to know more about what is involved and what the potential is, feel free to email us via [email protected]


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55 Responses to “Blender Market Coming Soon – a Marketplace for the Blender Community”
  1. Posts: 246
    verticies says:

    So does that mean there will be no “blender 2.9″ or will development continue along with paid add-ons?
    Will paid add-ons eventually end up in trunk after a certain amount of time or will people who can’t afford paying for add-ons in order to follow tutorials be left In the dust?

    Yes I know about Word Press. Not totally against this but I can see it getting out of hand and blender splitting off into two groups. Ones who value money and those who value open source.

    • Posts: 4186

      Oh there’ll most definitely be a Blender 2.9 and onwards! The Blender Market will actually help increase development through the added development fund contributions.

      Whether or not paid add ons will end up in trunk (now known as Master) will be entirely up to the individual add-on authors. As it has always been.

      Also, I personally don’t think the groups are so strictly divided into those that “value money” and those that “value open source”. Things are never this black and white. For us, we of course value money, as money is required to create a sustainable business. But this business is then what enables us to do much more for open source than we otherwise would be able to.

      • Posts: 19
        Casey Wagner says:

        If we provide content for the market will we be able to set custom amounts beyond the default to donate to the dev fund? Eg. if the base donation was 20% on an item, could I set it so that 50% of the income from that item goes to the fund?

    • Posts: 2

      Excellent initiative and I wish to be able to contribute my own assets.
      Since the subject will be raised anyway, I wish someone could tell me when “Open Source” meant anything else that the free (as in freedom) sharing of ideas, no more. Obviously anyone can build from the freely (idem) available source code but that is just a side effect. People contributing to the growth and betterment of Blender still have a right to earn a living even though they are the most generous beings that I know.

  2. Posts: 2
    hamish says:

    SHould ve called it BlenderVendors, but more seriously I have made a small biz out of using blender here in deep dark Africa, and what would be great is making an easy credible freelance platform so i upload a story board for a 30s commercial and riggers, modellers, animators etc pitch their price and duration and you collaborate evryone gets paid quick simple intergrated work

  3. Posts: 47
    dbrown says:

    This is going to be awesome! It will be nice to be able to help the foundation out, without having to sign up for a monthly plan. :)

  4. Posts: 6
    realityfox says:

    Super excited for the Addons, hopefully we get some really good ones. Would love to see someone take up and improve the IvyGen (or a spiritual successor). Would definitely pay for some good addons. Little worried about the selling of assets. I usually relate it to clipart. Clipart really hurt illustration and I can see it hurting 3D freelance. But hey.

    Would like to see some sort of freelance section to this. Offering services and so on and giving tools to easily communicate with employers. Just a thought. Hamish suggested the same thing.

    • Posts: 36

      I believe collaboration tools are now the main target of project gooseberry, so we’ll see what happens.

  5. Posts: 39

    I love the idea of giving Blender artists a platform to both showcase as well as sell resources to those who want to access those skills and work more quickly. I only plead you to stay away from such ideas as and other nonsense that is seeking to discount design work into levels not affordable to the artist (and as a result destroying good design on the way). Because at the end of the day, CGI design is very hard work and should be paid to justify the time spend. A professional platform for Blender artists: yes. A platform which will draw comments from the wider CGI user base seeing it discrediting the value of the artistic work (such as 99designs) and thus impacting on how Blender is perceived: no.
    But I trust CGCookie staff to keep this all in good hands :-)!

    • Posts: 4186

      A race to the bottom doesn’t help anyone out in the long run, in my opinion. This is definitely not in our interest to do, much less our intent :)

  6. Posts: 20
    noob13 says:

    Will this include tutorials, courses and the like?

  7. Posts: 1
    rechi says:

    Looking forward to have this additional ressource!
    Very important for blenders reputation and funding.
    Will there be any kind of cooperation with Blendswap?

  8. Posts: 14
    Julius says:

    This is sooo awesome ! Up to this point I have been having to use Unity’s market for content, which are unable to be opened up in blender properly :(

    This will be a new resource :)

    Please make sure the rigs are humanoid avatar mecanim ready so that us Unity people can start to use them right away in our scenes.

    Also it would be Awesome if we as the buyer can choose a portion of what we would be paying for to go to Blender Development Funding

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