TIP – Modeling Stones with the Bisect Tool

Introducing Gleb Alexandrov!

Do you remember the artist who won Blender Cookie’s 2013 Halloween Contest? Gleb is a talented artist who has been busy producing Blender Tip videos!

In this first video, Gleb shows us how the Bisect tool can be used to quickly and easily create geometric stones. Gleb says:

“We’ll explore how to create a stone using Bisect — new tool in Blender 2.69. It reminds me of Zbrush clip brushes — one stroke to cut the sphere in half and so on. The drawback of this method is geometry, filled with n-gons. Though, it is usable.”

You can see more on Gleb’s YouTube ChannelCC Music is from YouTube’s Audio Library

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42 Responses to “TIP – Modeling Stones with the Bisect Tool”
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    Jack Meade says:

    Hey Gleb, thanks, this is awesome! How do you get that really nice surface material that shows on the rocks on the thumbnail for this video?

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    ernestcampos says:

    You should mention in the description the settings for the ‘f6′ menu – you didn’t mention that clear outer needs to be turned on as well. It’s a really handy trick to use but to the beginner, there are a few details that are left out of the tip and they’re not easy to figure out without pausing the video at the right time to see what you’re doing. I’ve been blending for a while now but have never done anything like this so I felt kind of dumb not being able to figure it out, haha!

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    xkadlecm006 says:

    Guy, that´s good tutorial. These stones are ideal for GE to cartoon-style games…. Thank you :)

  4. Posts: 2
    xkadlecm006 says:

    Thanks, very good tutorial. These bisect stones are ideal for BGE to cartoon – style games with some bevel :)

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    avbsoftworks says:

    Good tool, needs a hotkey, and commands to selects all before bisect, also mirror mode should be available, and down the road maybe clip curves, not just straight lines. We have something like zbrush, remesh, for filling all the ngons with quads.

  6. Posts: 3
    siege says:

    Hey is there any way that you could include the rock field in the video, in the download file?

  7. Posts: 1
    rremicz says:

    Hi CGcookie and blender nation, u doing realy good job ladz, i will ask this way if anyone good modeler will join me to help me with my project, i cant do all the stuf alone, enuf work with coding need gfx designer modeler, Stay Blender, stay cool

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    Hey, I was wondering whether you could help me with the bisecting itself. You see, I have already used the ‘subdivision surface’ tool and it’s now as close to a sphere as i would like, but when I go to the edit mode, there is an orange box around the sphere. When i select the bisecting tool (via space bar) and drag my cursor in front of the sphere, it instead warps the sphere in ways I don’t want it to and doesn’t cut like it does in the video.

    As I said before, please help.

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      richard w says:

      It sounds like you didn’t apply the modifier. Until you click the ‘Apply’ button in the modifier the geometry is ‘fake’ and you’ll be editing the original cube instead of the subsurfaced version.

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    Thanks, your advice was very helpful. As far as I know, I followed your advice exactly and the orange square is now gone. However, I still can’t bisect the shape because instead of a box, the sphere itself seems to be covered in orange lines. As bad luck would have it, the main problem is still occurring, it just takes a different form. I sincerely hope you can help me with this again.

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      richard w says:

      Orange is the default colour used to denote selection. In order to use the Bisect tool you need to select the geometry first.

      What Gleb is doing is repeating these steps as needed:

      (In Edit Mode)
      * Select everything (A-key)
      * Spacebar -> Bisect
      * Use Bisect
      ** Adjust settings with F6
      * Clear selection (A-key)

      If that’s not what you mean by orange lines, then could you upload an image to http://www.pasteall.org/pic/ for me to have a look at, please.

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    digitalart says:

    I don´t know why but i can’t find the bisect tool.
    There is another whay to find it???

  11. Posts: 65
    alpha3d says:

    How can I make this a hot key? I can’t find the code, or anything….. :'( Thanks in advance 😉
    PS: Great tutorial!!! I tried this when it first came out, but it was a total fail….. I just managed to make the cut, not delete the remainder or anything….. XD Thanks! 😀

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