Mastering Modeling in Blender Workshop – Instant Access

  • Price: $120
  • Availability: instant-access
  • Number of videos: 45+
  • Key topics: clean topology, poly modeling, sculpting, retopology
  • Citizen Discount: all active Citizen members get 5% off

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Learn to Model Anything

The wildly well received workshop on Mastering Modeling in Blender is back! Taught by Jonathan Williamson, you will learn all the theories, fundamentals, and techniques you need to model anything you can find or imagine with subdivision surfaces in Blender.

Get Instant Access, Anytime

Previously only available in scheduled, five week stints, the workshop it is now back with ála carte access. This means you can join at any time. Learn at your own pace on your own schedule. Join from the CG Cookie Workshops site.

Extensive Training

With over 45 videos of training material there’s a lot to learn. The workshop covers everything from clean topology techniques to box modeling to sculpting to retopology.

Split up into four sections, the workshop takes time to focus on each of the key topic in depth, building upon previous experience and knowledge. By the end you should not only have a solid understanding of what it takes to create high quality models, but also have the ability to apply your new-found skills to your own projects.

What are you waiting for?

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65 Responses to “Mastering Modeling in Blender Workshop – Instant Access”
  1. Posts: 53
    chris says:

    hey this is great news. being able to jump in anytime is a welcome announcment, must prioritise wether i get this or a cuda graphics card. Ah Blender, always offering me difficult choices!!

  2. Posts: 19
    Grady Pruitt says:

    I took this course the first time it was offered in the fall of 2012 and went through it again with the second class about a year ago. Definitely worth the cost of the course! I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to improve their modeling skills. Though I’ve mainly done “hard surface” type stuff in the last year or so since I finished the course, there’s a big focus on character stuff too. Glad to see this course is back!

  3. Posts: 4
    Erik Eriksen says:

    how long will this be available to buy and is this a good class for beginners?

  4. Posts: 69


    On the week 3 Sculpting exercise, I can not seem to find the mesh head you are asking us to download and work from. Can you please point me in the right direction?

  5. Posts: 46
    Shane says:

    As I understand it the initial course included interaction and tests at specific times that were critiqued by Jonathon (and maybe other cgcookie staff). This new ala carte version is now self paced and using peer review rather than cgcookie staff. Is that the reason for the reduced price? Are you considering the possibility of offering the critiqued version again at some stage?

  6. Posts: 2
    ed2012 says:

    What version of Blender is used in these courses? Also, one problem I see with cgcookie is that the community is not active enough to get answers within a day or two…

    • Posts: 632
      richard w says:

      The tutorials use version 2.63-2.65.

      It’s very hard to monitor all of the video pages for comments. I can sign up to receive an e-mail every time there are new comments but it won’t always notify me, I have to leave a comment to sign up to this and I can’t sign up to pages in bulk; some courses have over 40 video pages. As such, I tend to keep an eye on the new courses and the whatever is on the front page and answer anything that is within my skill set.

  7. Posts: 25

    How do you do to get that nice wireframe? Is that method used a lot for showing the wireframe of a mesh?



  8. Posts: 28

    I have 2 questions:
    1. What is the duration of all videos?
    2. Are some videos the same as other BC tutorials (M-16 for example) or are they quite new ones?


    • Posts: 4176

      Hey Filip,

      I don’t know the exact duration of all videos, but most videos are between 10-40 minutes. There’s 45+ videos. All of the videos are also original and cannot be found anywhere else. The M4 is used as a topology example, using the model from the course here on Blender Cookie.

  9. Posts: 27
    lifo says:

    For those of us that took this previously, is there anything new here?

      • Posts: 46
        Shane says:

        I notice that we are starting with a blank forum, would the previous students be able to access this and critique our work? or will all the critique be from you and current students?

      • Posts: 4176

        Hey Shane,

        The forums are independent per run of the workshop. This is both a technical limitation and conscious choice. I’ve chosen to separate the forums so as to keep the questions as relevant as possible. There would certainly be some overlap and value from the past discussions, but there’d also be confusion. Much of the discussion in the previous forums were related to the live QAs and such, which aren’t a part of the ála carte version.

  10. Posts: 9

    Hi Jonathan , how will it be possible to follow and master 45+ videos tutorials within four weeks?

    • Posts: 46
      Shane says:

      Having just started – the first week looks to have about 3 hours of video, the second would be closer to 9 hours. That should leave us enough time to watch each video once or twice and still have a couple of attempts at the exercises to test that we get it. With the new ala carte setup, people will be starting at different times and there will always be someone working at each stage so I don’t think we will get pushed to do the exercises in a specific week, I expect we can watch the videos and submit our exercises for critique whenever we are ready. I haven’t seen any reference of dates to complete a task yet.

    • Posts: 69

      You have as long as you need I believe, there is no longer a time window. If what I understand is correct, once you purchase the workshop, you have access to it indefinitely.

      Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

      • Posts: 4176

        Correct, there’s no designated timeframe. You can do the exercises and the rest of the content at your own pace. I’ll do my best to continually check the forum and provide feedback.

  11. Posts: 4
    Annonymous says:
    The user has disabled their account.
  12. Posts: 17
    kalmaro says:

    Will there be anything here not covered in previous tutorials for citizens?

  13. Posts: 47
    dbrown says:

    I’m looking at the workshop PDF, and realized there is a lot that’s still foreign to me. First off, I’ve had lots of issues with sculpting where my topology didn’t work, multires tore it up/pitted it, and even after learning how to get around those issues still have problems with setting up a good mesh where sculpting worked out like I would want it to, without dyno. Also, the same issue with making polys that don’t want to work well as low-polys, and normals end up all weird with extra data. Would I understand why such things happen theoretically after this workshop (Sorry if this is a noob question)?

    Being a fairly new user, I’m really interested in this workshop, and feel I could benefit from every part of it. Is it ok for new-ish users to take this workshop?

    If it’s all good, I’ll get signed up asap. :)

    • Posts: 4176

      I think you’ll definitely find questions to those problems in the workshop. I spend a significant amount of time going through the fundamentals for each of these things. For example, I cover how to create high quality base meshes for sculpting that will take the detail well.

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