Contest: Create a Robot in Blender!

Things to keep in mind

  • Deadline: October 1st, 0800 CST
  • Use Blender :)
  • One entry per artist
  • Use the Image Submission button at the bottom of the page.

Here at CG Cookie, we think Robots are pretty cool. And frankly, who doesn’t? But what does your idea of a robot look like? We are challenging you to create an epic render of a robot in Blender.

Now, don’t think you are locked in to creating 500 ft war machine that battle creatures from the sea. There are many, many types of robots you may create. The robot can be cute, funny, functional or even utilitarian.

The goal of this contest is crazy amounts of robotic fun. Below are a few guidelines to keep things smooth.

Blender Robot Contest Rules

    • Blender must be used for the majority of the work, including modeling, sculpting and rendering. Post production work is allowed with an image editing software. This is a normal part of the production process.
    • Please only one entry per person.
    • Start fresh! The model must be a new creation Do not a reuse a past project. Please do not include any models/parts from online model repositories, friends or neighboring Jedi Knights.
    • The final render should at least be 1280px wide or tall. Portrait or Landscape formats are allowed. For formats, .jpg is preferred.
    • Keep the rating G through PG-13. Please avoid any vulgar or crazy gory robots. As a general rule, think “Family Friendly.”
    • If you place 1st or 2nd place, be sure to have your .blend file on hand for review if requested by the CG Cookie judging panel.
    • Use the “upload image” button at the bottom of the post to submit your final render.
    • Oh, your image must contain a robot. 😉
The purpose of this contest is to push your artistic skills as an artist and Blender as a software.


Your render will be judged on overall aesthetics, first impressions and composition. We are looking for the render that will tickle the hidden robot inside of our artistic souls. As a hint, some things that help to obtain this is good modeling, lighting, textures, and composition.

Judging the contest this year is the CG Cookie Crew + guest judge Dave Pasciuto, whom is a resident robot guru. Dave runs Robot Envy and has over 20 years Game/Film industry experience.


A huge thanks go out to the sponsors of this contest, they’ve contributed some rad prizes to the top two robot creators.

Game Textures






Being an artist is easier when you are inspired. By entering this contest you are agreeing to challenge yourself, possibly gain exposure, and just have a bit of fun. Below are some amazing renders of robots to get your engines primed for modeling!

Title: Wild Star Robot by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Title: Wild Star Robot by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Title: Crazy Studio Clay by David Domingo

Title: Crazy Studio Clay by David Domingo

Title: UNIT 06-T9 Author: Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov

Title: UNIT 06-T9  by Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov

Title - Pirate Robot by Angel Diaz

Title – Pirate Robot by Angel Diaz

What about the prizes?

1st Place (Over $1,000 worth of prizes)

2nd Place (Over $400 worth of prizes)



Submit your final render by October 1st, 0800 -5 GMT, using the submit image link below. You are welcome and encouraged to start a WIP thread over on our sister site


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      Wes Burke says:

      Hey guys – sorry for the confusion. Looks like my last comment is on the 2nd page now. We are working to have the results up this week and they will be posted on this site. :) Worse case early next week, just waiting for the judges results to stream in!

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      Andreas says:

      go to and you’ll see it in the newest entries >.>
      You might want to look around before asking.

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        Sorry, my fault..

        I have thought it’s will to be posted on the contest site, where you have uploaded your image..

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        Andreas says:

        eh, no worry but for future reference they always post things like this in a new post.

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