Creating Geometric Assets in Blender

What we will do

In this Blender lesson we will take a look at the techniques needed to create Geometric Assets in Blender. We will cover how  to create your own landscapes, trees, rocks, plants and other assets. We will review what geometric assets are and why we may create them.

Finally you will be shown how to create a new material which will work in Blender Internal and the Cycles render engine. This material will allow us to have all of the objects in the scene using a single material powered by vertex colors.

geometric-ss-03 geometric-ss-02 Creating Geometric assets

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82 Responses to “Creating Geometric Assets in Blender”
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    I absolutely love this technique and art style! It all looks like construction paper made dioramas, yet they also seem so life like! They are Adorable and cool at the same time. It’s so simple but you could do SO much with it!

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us! I will use it for a long time ^-^

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    SjS says:

    I am really enjoying this tutorial but I am stuck on something that is probably very simple. What is going on around 25:03 when the door is being created for the house? I separated the face from the house object, but then I got lost.

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      richard w says:

      After separating the face, he adjusts the origin point to the geometry (in Object Mode SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+C or available via the Tool Shelf). He then makes the door and steps as a separate object from the house.

      Is that all you wanted to know?

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        SjS says:

        Thanks for the response! I actually was able to follow along for setting the origin part. It is the actual modelling of the separate door that I am confused. Do I just create some vertical loop cuts to separate the face for the door? Basically I am not sure how to create the door on the surface of the separated face.

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        richard w says:

        The separated face is scaled to size, extruded out and the back face deleted.

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    Kholoud says:

    Great technique. Love it!!

    Can you do another tutorial about the light setting that you used in the sample picture? I would truly appreciate that.

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    Pedro Faria says:

    Can you explain how the objects are textured or painted in this tutorial? I did everything but I can’t give them that look upon rendering.
    They just have a material applied to them, and vertex color groups, but I don’t know how to replicate thate myself.

    Can you make a simple tutorial explaining that?

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    Darren Cook says:

    I am unable to scale the bottom of the house down after creating the roof. In the video it sounds like he says to press to Inset the faces around the bottom and then press prevent the inset on the bottom followed by holding to scale in. Unfortunately, when I press nothing happens and the inset is still occurring on both the top and bottom.

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    Darren Cook says:

    Apparently my arrows were filtered out of the above post for security and I see no way to edit the post so that the keys I understood to press are mentioned. So, in short, I pressed I, then B, and finally CTRL.

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      richard w says:

      It sounds like you may have forgotten to delete the bottom edge/faces. The model should have no faces on the under-side of the house.

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    This tutorial was difficult to follow, lots of note taking and rewinding because he seemed to speak briskly, mumble, which didn’t help when he danced around menus. I had to pause just to see what he was selecting.

    The content was excellent though. I am experimenting with a game that duplicates this style and the style shown in the ROME interactive video here: ( This was very helpful with helping me block out some of the basics.

    I got doubly excited when he mentioned that he was going to show in the next video how to import these assets into Unity. Is this video going to happen? I know how to do the import but I was hoping to get some lighting strategies and how to handle baking lighting and such.

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    Justin King says:

    I did almost everything in this tutorial successfully. I was unable to bake the landscape to a vertex map, using bake full render. When I tried It would just bake as solid white. I was able to bake the house using the specular color, but not the full render. I was able to do everything else. Thank you for your help.

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    Tadd Mencer says:

    At the end of the video you mention that a tutorial on taking these low-poly assets and bringing them into Unity would be coming. Was that ever realized or was that particular video tutorial put on the shelf? I’d love to watch that tutorial. This particular tutorial was amazing to watch. I loved it. Great work!

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    it’s an AWESOME tutorial but I can’t figure out how you bake the colors to an object I painted my model with vertex paint and clicked bake NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!! I was hoping someone could help me with my problem because even after trying to bake several times nothing is happening and by the way I’m eleven my parents signed me up for blender and I have already made a couple of models so if any of you have an experience level of over 5 months I could really use some help.

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    Alex did you ever make a tutorial on how to make the low poly people?

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    smolus11 says:

    hi, I have a question, how did you select all windows (32:48) to edit mode?

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