Announcement: New CG Cookie Crew Member – Kent Trammell!

Welcome Kent Trammell To The Team

CG Cookie is very excited to announce Kent Trammell will be joining the full-time CG Cookie crew this Friday! Kent was successfully tricked…I mean asked to join us and he accepted.

Who is Kent?

Kent is a great artist from Dallas Texas, where it is warm and they have great BBQ sauce. He has a degree in computer animation from Full Sail University. His first industry position was a 3D generalist for MAKE, where he worked on several commercials and spec spots. Later he transitioned to Reel FX and worked on projects like the Ice Age Christmas special, Chuck E Cheese re-branding commercials, and Reel FX’s first upcoming feature film Turkeys’.

You can check out more of his work at http://ktrammell.com


Wait…how many people work at CG Cookie now?

The official count of full-time artists has reached 4. This means there’s four of us staring at computers all day keeping the ovens going. This means we could now hold up a large table evening, or start up a polka band. But in reality it means you have 4 artists pushing the software to create solid education to enable you to make money or have fun with CG. 😉



Goals we are striving to achieve:

  • Increase tutorial development and quality
  • Offer additional Blender support and tool development
  • Adding additional humor to the team’s daily Skype chat

What does this mean for the CG Cookie and Blender Community?

With the humbling support of this community, CG Cookie is able to bring on Kent full time as a content creator for the site and studio. Kent will be working closely with Jonathan to push Blender productions, create tools, and produce some amazing training.

Kent will also be assisting in day to day studio production and contributing to our upcoming unannounced passion project.




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57 Responses to “Announcement: New CG Cookie Crew Member – Kent Trammell!”
  1. Posts: 63

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long while! Congrats Kent, you work and teaching style is inspirational.. we’re so glad to have you:) Best of luck!

  2. Posts: 8
    Joel says:

    Hey, awesome! I’ve followed some of your stuff on BlenderArtists; you do great work, can’t wait to see more tutorials from you.

    I didn’t know you were from Dallas, Kent; I’m in Fort Worth! Everyone’s always jealous of the BBQ.

  3. Posts: 65
    Joshua Cole says:

    This is great news. Welcome Kent!

    Any idea what you next tutorial will be about?

  4. Posts: 91

    Nice to see Blender Cookie grow with such talented instructors. It’s got to be the best tool for learning Blender. More content than a busy husband and father of four can keep up with. I love learning from this site. Welcome Kent.

  5. Posts: 28
    yeobe1 says:

    now all we need is a lifetime subscription option for citizen

    • Posts: 4176

      That’s actually something we’ve considered adding. If you’re seriously interested let us know :)

      • Posts: 264

        That sounds like an interesting idea. I imagine something like that would be difficult to price.

      • Posts: 4176

        That’s partially what’s stopped us from doing it previously. Honestly I have no idea what to price that at but am open to suggestions :)

      • Posts: 264

        Maybe it could be more like pay for X number of years upfront and get a discounted price for the following years or some other such perk. Would be curious what others had to offer as suggestions as well.

      • Posts: 28
        yeobe1 says:

        I would be interested for sure. Price tag would be a hefty pill to swallow. But if you put a “Lifetime Citizen” banner across my avatar, I more than likely would be in. I’m a sucker for those gimmicks

      • Posts: 26
        Michael says:

        I would be interested in a lifetime membership. I also like the discounted price for the additional years. Yeobe1`s idea of a lifetime banner is sweet. I to like the fancy title. Haha. Or if you did just the year and then discounted the continuing years have like a “Premium Member” banner or something if you buy like two or more years.

      • Posts: 7

        Yes, a lifetime membership would be nice. Yeobe1’s idea about having a Lifetime banner is a brilliant one. When someone comments on a thread it states something about the individual to see that they are in this business for the long haul.

        Just became a citizen today. :)

  6. Posts: 3
    Mendoza says:

    Congratulations Kent! An amazing artist and a great asset to all of us.

  7. Posts: 61
    dolores 74 says:

    Tof, (great)

    Are you expensive Kent ?????

    I have more than a lifetime job over here. Try to learn it all by myself and about to give up. Give me a hammer and a chisel and I make everything but I guess I have to stay away from computers.

    Can you fix me a tut how to do rhino skin, eagle claws, how to texture horns those things you have on elephants, I modeled a beautiful feather and a texture for it in Photoshop but the node editor drives me crazy (cycles is hopeless, blender render too), how do I make a futuristic city without blender giving up on me to many vertices, can you fix me a tut how the ice of Antarctica is falling down and revealing my city that has been in there for centuries (my city floats on the water it was send to earth from another planet), how do I make my actors walking around in that city, how do I make a steel chain slowly rusting and finally break, how do I make an apocalypse a continent that splits in two with all the water of the ocean floating in between the two parts, how do I make a bullet coming out of a rifle (slow motion) and splashing into dust when it hits the target (my star actress is immortal), how do I make a carrier with all those planes on it, how do I make a jet engine and how do I make it breaking the sound barrier (it makes this weird white mist when it does), how do I make dust spread on the floor gathering together like a tornado and giving form to real live actors when my star actress brings her soldier back to life ?

    I have two books (wrote myself) to illustrate and a lot of Dolores short funny movies to make.

    Guess I have to kill my bank account to buy 3DMax and Vray and become immortal too to have the time to learn it all.

  8. Posts: 82
    joe says:

    Hi Kent, welcome, just a couple of things to say. Tutorials are great, very in depth, but the music puts me to sleep. Maybe some Jos Satriani, surfing with the aliens. lol

  9. Posts: 10
    Annonymous says:
    The user has disabled their account.

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