CG Cookie 4.0 Site Survey

It has been almost a year since we launched the last version of the CG Cookie website. It has performed pretty well, but it is in need of some house cleaning, under the hood tuning and some love on the front end.

The crew is about ready to dive into pre-production of the site, but before we get too far we want to hear from you. We have a few ideas on some new features and know of areas that need a bit more re-work then others.

Fill out my online form.

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16 Responses to “CG Cookie 4.0 Site Survey”
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    Started to fill this in but on the second page after I selected “not a Citizen member” I couldn’t get to the third page without filling in the citizen specific stuff, which of course was not relevant or valid, and then my brain locked up and now I’m entering this…

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    onur ozkan says:

    You are already great guys, but there are always things that you can improve. I submitted my survey, I hope it helps.

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    oldman44 says:


    Submitted my survey, Thanks for the opportunity to put in my 2 cents. You guys are planning on sharing the results in the future aren’t you?


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      oldman44 says:

      Opps, knew I forgot something…we need the ability to edit our posts!!!

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    I hope CG COOKIE 4.0 goes really well 😀 I forgot another thing…… I, now and then, accidentally post a comment that I didn’t finish :) I would like a feature to delete MY comments myself! Thanks guys 😀 You’re all the best!!!!

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    On the Agree/Disagree questions REALLY REALLY wanted a choice of either NO Opinion or Don’t Care. I couldn’t leave t blank and was forced to “Agree” or “Disagree” which was FALSE.

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    bobreg says:

    I’d like to put in a request for some up to date game engine tutorials. My old games don’t work with the new Blender (2.6 +) releases. The actions bricks all fail and I would love to know why. Also, perhaps a few tips on exporting to game engines like UDK.

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    Branden Woodbridge says:

    I submitted mine and left a rather lengthy comment. I hope my English wasn’t to bad, I didn’t proof read it. I hope they read and consider some of my advice. However, I am moderately happy with the site. I would like to see tutorials on a more regular basis and I would like to see full course on subject rather then just parts of the production pipeline.

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    jibz says:

    CGcookie crew!
    Please, add the ability to post high-resolution images in the gallery.

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      Unless they’ve got a super massive memory storage, that most likely won’t happen. They took down the feature where you can see how many people have viewed an image because there wasn’t enough memory for it! Just put a link to your high res in the description box 😀 It isn’t that big of a problem.

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    richard w says:

    I don’t know if it’s too late for this version, but I had an idea today:
    In the Dashboard how about a ‘strengths chart’?
    You may have seen spider charts in games or business before; I was thinking something like that.

    The purpose would be to allow the user to visualise their strengths and weaknesses to help focus on what to practise in order to improve. Type used could be based on submission categories (architectural, character, etc.) or something more general (modelling, lighting, etc.).

    This could be achieved by using the love system. The first chart type would count the number of loves on each image the user has submitted in each category; allowing the user to identify which category needs improvement. The second type requires a modified love system that allows other users to say what they love about the image; these would then be counted as above to produce the chart.

    This idea was spawned from how I try to think about my current ability. I don’t consider myself a novice, but intermediate sometimes sounds too much; so I put it in terms like ‘level 24 Paladin’.

    example spider chart:

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