Tip: Using the Knife Modeling Tool in Blender

Learn how to use the knife tool for advanced modeling in Blender through this quick tutorial by Jonathan Williamson.

In this quick tip we introduce you to the knife tool in Blender 2.6. The knife tool can be used for quickly adding new topology to your mesh in a flexible way. The knife tool acts much like a pen tool that allows you to draw in new vertices and edges exactly how you want them to create complex meshes.

By combining the knife tool with NGons in BMesh Blender provides an incredibly powerful modeling tool.

Using the Knife Tool in Blender 2.6

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46 Responses to “Tip: Using the Knife Modeling Tool in Blender”
  1. Posts: 94

    I love the quick tips.

    Been using knife tool for ages now and love it; can’t believe I missed the c option though. :) Nice one as always.

  2. Posts: 24
    furlow says:

    When ever I use the knife tool, it Doesn’t seem to conect right. I have to go back and use Merge verticles when I cut lines.

  3. Posts: 14
    Gary Parkin says:

    Wow, I’ve been away for a while. This looks like a neat addition to Blender that I missed from 3ds Max.

  4. Posts: 1
    mhhk88 says:

    I cannot separate pieces out of the main body, which is the last part of the video (around 7:40).
    I watched the video over and over again, but I cannot figure out how to do that. I am a novice anyway.
    Would you be a little more specific? I really need that skiils.

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