Compositing in Blender Training DVD Series – Pre-order Now!

We are pleased to announce our latest Blender training series by Bartek Skorupa! Available for pre-order now

If you have ever wanted to know all the technical details and knowledge needed to produce stunning compositing, not just how to throw together random effects, then this is the series for you! In this series you will learn nearly everything you need to know to perform good compositing in Blender with the node-based compositor.

Learn how to Composite properly in Blender

This series will not only teach you how to get great results through compositing, it will also teach all of the technical details that need to be considered with compositing. This includes image levels, image colors, color management, handling proper alpha values, green screen keying, and much more. You will also learn many techniques for managing your renders in a smarter way that enables to perform many changes and make finer adjustments without needing to render again. An example of this can be seen in the images below with the car of multiple colors; this was only rendered once. All color is controlled with the compositing.

You will learn advanced masking techniques, how to work with all of the different render passes and even how to make your own render passes. Beyond that you will also learn how to properly handle ambient occlusion, environment lighting, shadows, reflections, refractions, and more.

View the complete training outline


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How large is the download version?

The final download version is expected to be around 2GB.

When will the series be available?

We estimate the series to be ready and shipping by September 2012.
How much is the final price?

The final training series cost will be $48 USD for the download version and $54-56 USD for the DVD version.

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60 Responses to “Compositing in Blender Training DVD Series – Pre-order Now!”
  1. Posts: 20
    cookiefresh says:

    When the DVD release? And the models used in the DVD with it?

  2. Posts: 12
    ballistic tensoin says:

    This dvd series should be put on the opening/top of this site not on page 2.As to have more people see it to order.A update of how close you are to a release would be nice.i ordered it but did not recieve a e mail like all the other dvds VMS,LPGCS,Animation Fundamentals that i had ordered .used pay pal.I now this series will be very well explianed. Bartek you really know your stuff!

  3. Posts: 12
    ballistic tensoin says:

    No i did not receive a notice must of ordered afterwards i,ll wait and see if i get the download notice when dvd is done.

  4. Posts: 6
    palmer noah says:

    Nice course. Is this course accessible with Cg-Cookie citizenship?

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