Round of Blender VFX Inspiration

Enjoy this Set of Blender VFX Inspiration Videos!

Blender is becoming more predominate in the VFX world and videos around the net are beginning to prove this very well. We spent a while scouring the channels and picked out a few videos that really stand out. Check out the videos below that showcase great innovation and inspiration to the Blender Community. Inspiration is a great motivator to keep pushing ourselves forward. Take a break from e-mails, grab a drink and enjoy some of the Blender Eye Candy.

If you have others please feel free to link them below in the comments.


 Blender VFX Camera Tracking Rocket Accident



Blender 2.55 Effects Compilation #2



Voronoi Fracture and Shatter Lab Tests – Blender & Bullet Physics



Blender 3D Tornadoes (Smoke simulator)



Blender test: Fireball


There are many more so link them below and happy Blending!

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    Juan Nicolas Gomez says:

    the rocket is awesome!!!!!

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