Comment Contest – Round 7

Hello and welcome to this Comment Contest! Let’s give stuff away!

With Spring in full swing and our minds starting to drift towards the outdoors, we are offering up a juicy comment contest to wet your Blender taste buds. This time around we’ve got a good batch of prizes to choose from, including complete training series, Citizen memberships or even donations to the Blender Foundation!

Congrats to Warblood for the picked comment!

How does it work?

All you have to do scroll down and leave a “single” comment on this post. You must use your “real” e-mail address so we may contact you if you win. But as usual you may keep your super secret elite ninja hacker name if you would like on the comment.

Then on Monday April 23rd (-6GMT) at an indiscriminate time we will close the comments and randomly pick a lucky blender head and post the winners name here (once they have accepted).

You (If you are the winner) then get to choose between one of these  prizes below! That’s right you get to choose ONE of these options.


Animation Fundamentals (Digital Download)

This training series covers all the fundamentals of Character Animation in Blender. During this series, you will learn many of the fundamental skills that are essential for all character animators. This series makes use of both simple ball rigs and a complete character to allow you to really focus on what really matters, the animation.



Vehicle Modeling Series (Digital Download)

This training series  is jammed with 15hrs of Blender Training from our very own Jonathan Williamson. But there is too much to write in a small comment post, so head over there yourself if you wanted to see what it is all about.



One year Citizen Membership at Cg Cookie

With your membership you gain access to periodic exclusive training from Blender Cookie, access to our source files which includes HD versions of the tutorials and .blend files when available. We are always adding new tutorials, so the membership is constantly gaining value from week to week. Members already have access to this list of exclusive training: Baker Series, M4, Female Head, Mechanic , Foliage and more to come… Learn more about it here.


blender foundation

Donate to Blender Foundation

If you have all three of the above, or simply do not want them, you may choose to send a $50 USD donation to the Blender Foundation on us. This donation would help fund further Blender development. Details on donations can be found here on the Donation Page


Wait you are just trying to collect e-mail addresses! I am on to your game.

No conspiracy theory flick here, your e-mail will not be published, or auto signed up on some newsletter selling lost coins, wow gold, or invisibility cloaks. Though we do have a regular newsletter that DOES e-mail you awesome blender stuff. Sign up here. 

How many times can I comment?

Please only comment once. In the case of multiple comments we will only count your first comment in order to give everyone a fair shot.