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Rendering a Drink Can in Blender with Cycles – Exclusive

Hello and welcome to this Citizen exclusive tutorial on rendering a drink can in Blender with Cycles!

In this video tutorial for Blender 2.6, Jonathan Williamson will take you through the steps needed to render a very cool product advertising shot of the fictional CG Cookie Essence drink can in Blender with Cycles.

What you’ll learn:

Through this tutorial you will learn how to use mesh light in Cycles to illuminate your scene; including fill lights, key lights, rim lights, and more. You will be shown how to set up better metal shaders with the node system and how to add bump maps to your shaders. You will also learn how to separate parts of your scene out to different render layers for complete control of the lighting and composition of your scene. Finally, you will also learn how to use the different render layers to composite the different parts back together, make color adjustments, add filters, and fine tune your final image through the node compositing system.

Rendering a Drink Can in Blender with Cycles

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38 Responses to “Rendering a Drink Can in Blender with Cycles – Exclusive”
  1. Posts: 2
    arjan palm says:


    as stated before in the training you forgot the rim lights
    Now I’m trying this myself but the light keeps showing up on the floor as well.
    If I switch on/off the scene layers then this also happens for the can layer as well..

    How can I tell cycles to use a light source only for certain layers.

  2. Posts: 39

    oh what a time to not to be a citizen and electricity troubles. ah well, it will still be here when I get things situated.

  3. Posts: 3

    hi, I made a can from the start and applyed the stuff from this tutorial.. I used sub surf on the can but when i render it it gets all edgei… its like the sub surf didnt really apply, :( any ideas?

  4. Posts: 1

    Hi there, thanks for the tutorial, very well done. I just needed it for a job.
    Now I have a question: Is it possible to render the can together with its drop-shaddow and without background? I couldn’t figure it out. Your help would be very much appreciated!

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