Overview of Blender 2.62 – New Features Tour

Hello and welcome to the overview of Blender 2.62

This video tour showcases many of the new features included with Blender 2.62 to help get you up to speed with the new version as quickly as possible. Several of the most notable features include additions to Cycles, Motion Tracking and UV Unwrapping! You can see details on each of these below (and in the above video). Along with these features there were also over 200 bug fixes and numerous smaller features throughout.


The Cycles render engine has a few major additions including render layers, render passes, multi-GPU rendering, better environment sampling, border rendering and more.

Rendering Wooden Barrels in Cycles


Motion Tracking

Following up with Camera Tracking in Blender 2.61, 2.62 adds the ability to track motion in a video file and apply that motion to an object. This makes is a breeze to do anything from digital makeup to cowboys with plasma cannons on their arms!

Motion tracking in Blender 2.62


UV Unwrapping

Blender’s UV Unwrapping tools have always been pretty good but now they’re even better! Several new tools have been integrated that were developed during the 2011 Google Summer of Code. This includes a full automatic stitching tool, UV sculpting, auto-seam generation by UV islands and more.


Complete Feature List

Fore a complete list of new features and bug fixes be sure to check out the Release Notes

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89 Responses to “Overview of Blender 2.62 – New Features Tour”
  1. Posts: 2

    Nice video, I vote that something like this is done for every major Blender release in future :) Good to have a more of a demonstrational summary, rather than just reading the release notes.

    Also, had to give the new boolean a go, cant believe its taken so long to update, but its super smooth and awesome now, the auto updating is epic!

    • Posts: 265

      “Nice video, I vote that something like this is done for every major Blender release in future Good to have a more of a demonstrational summary, rather than just reading the release notes.”

      I really agree with this! I think you did an amazing job explaining the new features and would love having one of these for each major release.

  2. Posts: 19
    Joe Bloggs says:

    A whole new Boolean system to get to grips with… Not again!

    On a side note I’ve always wanted to make money out of blender, and now I am by selling renders and animations to my schoolmates lol, I suppose it’s thanks to this awesome site so cheers! 😛

  3. Posts: 2

    hello my name is Michael, me and some friends are planing to make some console games using this program. we are making a iPod/Pad/Phone app to kinda of get into grips with the program first then we are moving on to a console game.
    i don’t know what your out look upon this is but if you need to tell us something feel free to either make note of it in a response of contact us @ [email protected] thx for reading

    • Posts: 15
      Kevin Moore says:

      I am by no means an expert, however I am also into game development and I’m trying to learn how that is all supposed to work. The best advice that I have for you and your friends is to use Blender completely. Blender can be used to model, sculpt, simulate physics, animate, render, and even has a built-in game engine (although there might be a Blender feature that I’m missing on here). Blender uses the Python language, so I highly recommend looking at the game engine tutorials here on Blender Cookie because there are a few good scripting tutorials specifically for creating games (that’s where I’m starting, anyways). That way, unless I’m mistaken, you could build your entire game through Blender. Finally, Blender has a HUGE resource for Python scripting that lists a bunch of functions, values, and other things to help you get on the right track. I hope this helped, and the best of luck to you! :)

      • Posts: 2

        thank you, maybe we could get in touch some time over skype? i will be primarily doing all the stuff withe the game and need some input on story line and programming. my skype name is michael.burgason if u decide to add me please let me know your name so i know to accept you, thx for the help bye

  4. Posts: 39
    alexds says:

    yes, it would be a very highly appreciated a tutorial about the new Layer Passes for Cyles!

  5. Posts: 15
    Kevin Moore says:

    Wow, a new version of Blender came out pretty fast! I’ll be sure to download it and check it out!

  6. Posts: 16
    Raku Nana says:

    It seems that the Import option doesn’t work in 2.62 :( I guess I’ll just wait for the bug to be Fixed

  7. Posts: 36
    sarkhamy says:

    Dear person out there who can answer me.
    can anyone tell me why I can’t load, or save any kind of image in blender 2.62? What do I do to fix it?

    • Posts: 4176

      Hi there, I’ll be happy to help you! However I’ll need a bit more info about what you’re trying to do, what you’ve tried so far, etc. Are you trying to save a render, composited image or something else?

      • Posts: 36
        sarkhamy says:

        I’m trying to load an image background for a model. A refrance image. But when I go to my image folder, nothing shows up. I have no Idea whats happening.

      • Posts: 4176

        I would suggest making sure they are no more than 956 pixels wide and less than 1MB in size.

      • Posts: 36
        sarkhamy says:

        yup they all fall into that category. or at least they did in all the previous blenders.

  8. Posts: 7
    sharif ahmed says:

    nice……………..please more tutorial upload………………thanks

  9. Posts: 1
    Arguz says:

    HELP… i downloaded the newest version blender 26.2 but under
    User-preferences/System/compute device i cant find the other two options (CUDA,OPENCL) i have an i7 processor and a switchable graphics card ati radeon 6770M/IntelHD graphics family…

    why cant i find the other 2 options? (Cuda/opencl)

  10. Posts: 2
    Ivan Krastev says:

    to me it seems that the UV Subsurf Data thingy is picking the data of the posed model which makes it distorted to one side is that right?

  11. Posts: 49

    Dear Jonathan,

    I design models but i can’t save.When i Press “Save” In My Flash Memory Blender Say : “No Space Left On Device”. But when i press “Save” In my Desktop or other normal files save. Is problem My flash memory?? Please help me.:( (I am sorry i am Turkish and i have interesting sentences 😀 )

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